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The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Australia (Essay Sample)

i will attach the details to you and you will have to message me with the topic/ but you can start on any topic my teacher gave. MUst be current issue with all Australian sources. assignment_aus_n_the_world_question1.doc General layout of the essay My essay must have an Introduction ( thesis) begin with an introduction that states the aim of your essay and foreshadows your argument. State what you assume to be the problem, state basic view points and arguments (theory/ies) and provide an idea of your conclusions. Keep in mind that the common practice is to write the introduction last Main body of the essay: Develop your argument/discussion coherently and progressively. It is essential to ensure that sentences and paragraphs follow logically from one another. Good planning is essential – it might be useful to think in terms of subsections – and your focus needs to be on a clear and gradual build up on your argument. Conclusion: Your conclusion must draw together the key points of your argument and produce a final answer(s) to , or assessment of, the problem. The conclusion needs to flow logically from the main body of the text, summaries your analysis and answer the set question(s). The conclusion should produce no new material and needs to correspond to your statement(s) in your introduction. Clarity on key terms: If there appear to be disagreements in your sources about the meaning of key terms, mention this and state how your intended to use these terms. Keep in mind that dictionary definitions are not always adequate when it comes to concepts specific to a discipline hence, use a definition from the literate by preference. Reference list: The last part of your essay is a list of all, and only , the references you used in your essay. You should use the term ‘ references', not bibliography . The essay must have reading and evaluated sources Relevance of materials Your own thinking own words ============= source..
The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Australia
The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are targets set about by the United Nations and the countries allied to it towards the irradiation of poverty and other major global problems by the year 2015. The aim of this paper is to analyze Australia’s progress towards obtaining the sixth United Nations Millennium goal on HIV/AIDS. It seeks to analyze the situation of HIV/AIDS in Australia with regard to the international situation and its collaboration with the Papua New Guinea in addressing the problem of HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, it focuses on Australia’s prevention strategies, taking into consideration their significance in fulfilling the goal of halting the spread of HIV/AIDS by the year 2015.
The sixth United Nations Millennium Development Goal (UN MDG) to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases has two main targets with regard to HIV/AIDS. The first is to have halted and begun the reverse of the spread of HIV/AIDS by the year 2015. The second is to have universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all who are in need by 2010. In the assessment made by the United Nations in September 2010, it revealed that the world had failed to accomplish the second goal by their deadline in 2010. The report predicted that "On a global scale, targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care will not be met by 2010" (Peter Capella, The Sydney Morning Herald.). Still, the second goal that no child be born with HIV and the virus abolished by 2015 is currently in motion. The global situation appears to be the HIV has been stabilized in most regions, as more people are living longer lives. However, many young people are still unaware of what the disease is exactly, and the ways to protect themselves from HIV. It had been found that preventive measures such as condom use and AIDS education is becoming more accepted in countries trying to combat the disease, and that these are showing positive results (“United Nations Millennium Development Goals”. The United Nations.n.p).
On track to meeting the UNMDGs, the OECD report states that its priority remains with support for health and education of the need for progress and their role as critical drivers of sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. At present, it boasts as a leader in efforts to eliminate violence against women (“Australia”. n.p). The Situation of HIV/AIDS in Australia at the moment with regards to the number of those diagnosed with Aids have increased over the years since the year 2000. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that in 2010, Australia has had its highest number of HIV infections in about 20 years. At the moment, there are approximately 21, 171 people in Australia with HIV, with 1, 050 new cases diagnosed in the year 2009 (Kate Benson, The Sydney Morning Herald).
To meet the target of ending the further spread of HIV/AIDS by the intended deadline, the Australian government has taken numerous...
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