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Impact of the Columbian Exchange on both the Indians and Europeans (Essay Sample)

What is meant by the term "Columbian exchange" and what impact did it have on both Indians and Europeans? source..
Impact of the Columbian Exchange on both the Indians and Europeans
The Columbian exchange came up after the discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus, which is currently known as America. The Columbian exchange was a period marked by the exchange of diseases, food crops populations and diseases. In his journey in America, Columbus discovered a lot of new food in South America including cacao, maize, and peanuts among others which did not exist in the old world. The old world refers to where Columbus came from as Europe which includes countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece. The discovery of new produce had a significant impact on both the Europeans and the Indians of South America. The impact was also negative in that it brought about the break of many diseases, because of the European contact with the marginalized Indian communities
Initially in the discovery of America Columbus realized that there was a significant potential in trading with the Indians of South America. This was especially because there was a demand in the European country for products such as sugar and coffee. These products could not be produced in Europe, trade was therefore necessary. Europeans saw a lot of potential in trade and how it would boost the economy. It is therefore possible to say that the potential and benefit of trade stood out more than the other negative impacts such as diseases.
In the trade of produce between South America and Europe, the Europeans and the Indians were the most affected since they were in direct contact with each other. The diseases that were brought by the Europeans such as cholera and measles to which the Indians had no immunity were more serious than the black plague in the European century. On the other hand, the European sailors took with them diseases such as Syphilis back to Europe. The disease was not as deadly as other diseases such as typhoid but brought a lot of social disruption in Europe. 
Central America was at that time had vast land which were fertile and conducive for agricultural activities. However, due to the negative impact of the diseases there was less labor as people were getting sick. The Europeans thus decided to export labor from the African content to work on the vast agricultural land. The impact of the Columbian exchange was therefore broad in that it affected the economy and exchange of ideas among different societies. 
Europeans benefited a lot especially when it came to economic growth and welfare. The introduction of potatoes into the old world led to urbaniz...
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