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Influential Yohji Yamamoto: Unique Concept (Essay Sample)


Submit a curated version of your image archive with an accompanying statement.
Your images should complement your paper/presentation (you can use some images that were already in either/both of those, or if you'd like, you can use totally different ones). They should be organized, similar to a photo essay: arrange them like you might arrange your paper, with some idea of an introduction, body, and conclusion. This organization should be explained in your statement.
You will submit a short statement that clarifies your image organization, and describes the images as well as their connection to your project. This statement can either be embedded within your image archive (as text in your ppt/pdf/etc.) or as a separate document (doc, docx, pdf).
Image Requirements:
At least ONE of those images must be your own! (This could be a photo taken by you/your research subject(s); an image you altered/manipulated in Photoshop, via collaging, or another process/program; images of artwork that you have made; etc.)
All images must be cited (see Citations for help)
Citations can be paired with images, or in a list of figures that corresponds with images (so images would be labeled with figures, and list of figures would match)
Statement requirements:
275 words
Indicates organization of images
Briefly outlines your project, thesis statement, and conclusion, and works images into that framework
Describes connection to your project: how you used images, what they mean, etc.
Statement will be presented informally to the class.


Visual Essay with Statement
Fashion designers draw their inspiration mostly from their cultural values and their personal experiences that have profound effect on their work . My visual essay focuses on the influential Yohji Yamamoto, who is among the few designers with unique concept which greatly vary from the traditional fashion designers. One of the unique features of Yamamoto designs is his ability to use similar features to produce different and unique designs, each design express different emotions .
WGSN. “Yohji Yamamoto”.
Victoria and Albert Museum. 'Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A'.2016.
These pictures reveal the meaning of Yamamoto monochromatic black color. The black color represents his personal experience and the darkness inside him that often radiate in the aesthetics of his clothing. The darkness inside Yohji Yamamoto radiate in his clothing, his visual narrative presents different proportion, volume and movement which reveal his the demonstrative expression of his feelings and experiences. His creative designs are visual description of his world, which is a reflection of his personal encounters.
Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Miyake, Kawakubo, and Yamamoto
Global Blue. Japanese Designers of All Time
Yohji Yamamot

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