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The Impact Of Cultural Values Of Yohji Yamamoto (Research Paper Sample)


Create an outline of your entire research paper, from the introduction to body sections to the conclusion. It should include your thesis statement, supporting arguments, and evidence. You must also indicate where you are using key quotes and literature sources, and where/how you will use your primary sources (images, objects, interviews, fieldwork, etc.). You can use bullet points for this assignment, but you should make sure they are detailed and show the research that you have completed (and that which you are still working on).
And here is the comment for the previous paper proposal that you wrote from my professor
Thesis statement still seems a little scattered; I've highlighted the key ideas that seem to form your thesis statement in blue. Think about how they can be condensed and rephrased to form a more cohesive statement. Though you outline your research methods, a lot of them seem focused on finding sources, not on finding out more about your research questions... for example, interviewing faculty members about prospective sources is ok, but not really something to include in the paper; however, if you interviewed them about how designers incorporate cultural beliefs/traditions in their work, that would be something more relevant to the paper.
As you proceed in your research and writing, think about developing an outline that is more specific to Yamamoto and his work: what does the reader need to know about his cultural values (what are they? what influenced them?), and then what further information is needed to extend that argument to other designers?


Paper Outline
* Introduction
* Fashion designers are majorly inspired by tradition, personal experience also has a huge impact on designer's creativity, and however, not much is revealed about designers' personal experiences and its influential role in the design process.
* Yohji Yamamoto personal experience radiates in his designs to set a significant trend revolutionizing the western fashion world.
* The paper aim at analyzing Yamamoto unique design and answer the research question, what is the impact of cultural values of Yohji Yamamoto that makes him an avant-garde designer.
Definition of Terms- the definition of "the avant-garde" from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary means an artist who produces original ideas.
* Research background
Yohji Yamamoto's major inspiration comes from his tradition; his unique designs are more of a self-reflection. His avant-garde designs originate from his cultural background; therefore, culture is an important determinant for successful designers
* Review of Related Literature
* This research reviews articles that highlight the influential factors that have propelled Yamamoto to success. In an article by Cassim, Julia titled, Issues and techniques in the inclusive design of apparel for the active aging population, the author notes

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