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Communication Is Personal: Ideas And Feelings (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The first claim of this class is that Communication is Personal.
Provide an example from your own life that illustrates this idea. What -- specifically -- was the communication part of your example? What about the interaction makes you categorize it as personal, as we've talked about it in class? You should reference explicitly at least ONE of week one's readings.
1. Did you provide an appropriate example?
2. Did you accurately identify the communication aspect of your example?
3. Did you clearly explain how your example illustrates the idea that Communication is Personal?
4. Did you explicitly reference at least one of week one's readings?
The upload pdf page 3 have 10 reading articles in week 1. Using at least one to connect to my own example. The definition of communication is personal is “Your backgrounds, experiences, and the cultures from which you identify all affect the meanings you give to the words you use and the way you understand those of others- this is personal because we all come from different places in life and you learn communication through your background.”
Must keep the words in 450-500. NO less or NO more. No introduction and conclusion required. The first paragraph can be written about "an example from your own life that illustrates this idea"; second is "What about the interaction makes you categorize it as personal"; and third is about "reference explicitly at least ONE of week one's readings."
The example has to be specific and accurate to the topic"communication is personal", should understand the definition of "communication is personal", and then connect to the article or reading. Quotations are not necessary, just be sure to clearly state the connection to the main topic.

The example is personally. For example, my friend and I have some conflicts between a conversation. The reason why we have conflicts is because of the different way of expression in language. The reason why that we have a different way of expression is because we are growing up from two communication environments. And talk about the influences that the environment you have grown up brings to you.


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Communication is Personal
Communication refers to the process through which ideas, feelings, and thoughts are exchanged between two or more people. Communication can be expressed verbally where people use word of mouth and it can also be non-verbal where the body language and actions portray a message. This reminds me of my early days in high school, during this time I met students brought up in different environments. The environment where a person is brought up determines their way of sending a message, the way they reacted to a message and the choice of words when communicating.
My best friend Alex and I come from a very different cultural background. This cultural differences impacted on our communication styles. For example, Alex was very assertive and whenever he talked to me he did it very close and so loud. Additionally, Alex was the kind of person who answered very simple questions with very long statements. On the other side, whenever speaking, I maintain eye contact, tell the truth and always appear reluctant. Based on my mode of communication people think am lying and sometimes see me as being over-serious. Every time we discussed something with Alex we ended up in conflict because I perceived him as a joker and unserious while he would see me as unfriendly because of my seriousness nature.
There was a time when Alex approached me with a mathematical problem and wanted some assistance because I always performed well in mathematics. He

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