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Religion and Community Service Reflection (Essay Sample)


follow the instructions from last time. This is the third section of the document which is called Religious I will attach the document you needed. Same as last time, you can refer to our school as Fairfield Prep instead of “Jesuit School”. Please focus on topic like doing service and different experience for me as a non-religious person.


Religion and Community Service Reflection
From my experiences in this course, I had the opportunity of learning about religious practices through my interactions with the instructor and also my classmates. I now understand that religion is an essential element of culture and influences everyone on different levels. When religion is understood in healthy doses by a person, it can be a significant blessing. Also, it provides hope to people in need of assistance while also, encouraging other people to take control of their lives and make positive adjustments. Through my discussions with my classmates, I realized that everyone has a sense of purpose and can find their path.
Through the entire religion course, I also developed proper leadership skills which are associated with assisting others and has been a huge component of my community service activities. Additionally, my interactions with people from various religious backgrounds have deepened my knowledge of why it is essential to help another individual without asking anything in return (King 18).
In my personal experiences and involvement in volunteer programs as my course continued, I discovered that community service does not only involve large organizations running operations, but instead, it involves individual volunteers and those that need assistance (Roose 3). These outreach programs have proven to me that through giving time and effort, it not only benefits the people you are helping but also helps a person to become more empathetic.
I also had the opportunity of working in a temporary house shelter agency whereby my role involved assisting young residents and children succeed in scho

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