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Psychology: Gender and culture (Essay Sample)

Essays: (type essays here) 1. Group differences in intelligence (2 points) Response: According to text, Males and females average the same in overall intelligence. There are, however, some small but intriguing gender differences in specific abilities. Girls are better spellers, more verbally fluent, better at locating objects, better at detecting emotions, and more sensitive to touch, taste, and color. Boys outperform girls at spatial ability and related mathematics, though girls outperform boys in math computations. Psychologists debate evolutionary, brain-based, and cultural explanations of such gender differences. As a group, White score higher than their Hispanic and Black counterparts, though the gap is not as it was half a century and more ago. The evidence suggests that environmental differences are largely, perhaps entirely responsible for these group differences. (Mayers 2010, pg.441) 2. Assessment of your coping strategies and strategies you could use (3 points) Response: After reading the text, I believe I use Problem-focused coping to cope with stress. According to the text, I think I should be able to integrate Aerobic exercise and Relaxation. Aerobics exercise will help to reduce depression and anxiety and it's also an alternative to antidepressant drugs and relaxation has proven to help lower rates of recurring heart attack. (Mayers 2010, pp.538-551) source..

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(02 November 2010)
Society has always had discrepancies in various subjects particularly gender and culture. Each of them declares themselves better in certain things while others want to protests those decisions. Both males and females have had differences with females being termed as the weaker sex. This has been aggravated by the fact that society has had a notion that genders are never equal. Studies have proven that males and females average the alike in overall intelligence. These results can cause a huge debate in a society that believes that men are the dominant sex and that they are chosen to be better. Society has psychologically corrupted the minds of generations to prove men are better and thus have resulted to dominating the world instead of giving the girl ...
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