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The Great Gatsby vs The Godfather (Essay Sample)

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The two books have an eye catching, captivating and unfathomable element that assists in making them highly readable. The concept of revolving round the element of organized crime and the thrill that comes along with these prospects makes it interesting. The writers want to bring out the changes that romance, change of class and the drive of dreams can take persons. The ultimate exit of the cartels which if often marked by death is a key element in the discovering the important prospects of leading such lives (Steve, 102). The two books have been written in first person making it easier for the readers to associate themselves with the authors’ sentiments and be in the characters position. The honesty that is associated in the book leaves nothing to rest when it comes to keeping the readers on their toes and thrilled. The posh and classy lives associated with the cartels shows the value and respect associated with money making it as though without it, one would be better off dead. "He wants awfully to be on the inside staring out: anybody with their nose pressed against the glass is liable to look stupid" (Zimmerman, 208). This can be linked to the serious struggle and strong desire to get out of the poor social status, supposed loneliness associated with it eyes peering only for the very best and nothing less.
Life has been described as similar to autumn holding to many opportunities as some factors which are also determinant on weather system and similarly so, there are more prospects of success and providence. There is a reflection as well as a divine intervention from persons from the past Gatsby by his father and Holly by her husband. They both find themselves in situations where there is much of desertion by the rest of the world, Gatsby had no one interested even for his burial while when Holly got arrested, there was no one but Fred interested in posting her bail (Steve, 105).
The two books talk of a strong will to live the American dream and the elements showing just how hard an American would struggle and levels attained to get the bes...
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