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Sigmund Freud (Essay Sample)

Read a book or article by or about Sigmund Freud, then write an essay expressing your own perspective on his work. source..

Topic: Sigmund Freud
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Sigmund Freud is one of the most famous psychologists of the 20th century. He made immense contribution in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. He was not only the founder of psychoanalysis theory but also influenced other well-known psychologists. Some of the famous psychologists like Erik Erikson build on Freud’s ideas while some like Adler and Jung developed their school of thought in opposition to Freud’s ideas. Freud was born in 1856 in the town of Freiberg in the present Czech Republic. He moved to Vienna in 1860 where he studied medicine in the University of Vienna. Later in1886 Freud opened a private practice in psychiatry. He later died of cancer in1939 (Jacobs, 2006). Having gone through his work ‘interpreting dreams’ this is what I have to say.
Sigmund Freud has achieved much in his work ‘dream interpretation’. This is because of the coherence of his ideas. Freud should also be credited for harmoniously marrying ‘dream interpretation’ and the ‘psychoanalytic theory’. The psychoanalytic theory according to Freud asserts that the unconscious mind affects our behavior. According to the theory the mind is divided into three parts that is the Id, the ego and the superego. The Id is the part of the mind that harbors our desires. The ego on the other hand is the conscious part of our mind which is aware of our actions when we are awake. The superego sets the standards that the ego enforces.
Freud’s order of transition from how the mind of a person operates from when he is conscious to when he is unconscious is quite Superb. He says that when a person is conscious the id is ce...
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