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An Instance of Lack of Decorum in Shakespear's Two Plays: A Midsummer Nights Dream and Romeo & Juliet (Essay Sample)

An Instance of Lack of Decorum in Shakespear's Two Plays: A Midsummer Nights Dream and Romeo & Juliet 2 FULL pages Quotations: Quoted material should appear as much like original as possible. When you quote more than three lines of poetry you should set them off by indenting. If you quote two or three lines within your text, be sure to indicate line endings by forward slash. (/) Don't overuse quotes. Special Punctuation: Use ellipsis points (...) to indicate that material is omitted from a quotation. Do not use ellipsis points because you can not think of what words to use. For a dash, use an em-dash. --- (if your word-processor has one) or use two hyphens and no spaces--likethis--when you want to sepearte elements strongly. Proofread carefully. Use spell-check, if you are using a computer, but remember that spell-check will not pick up incorrect words that are spelled correctly (e.g., loose for lose). I forgot to mention in the description how to quote, If you are quoting Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 5, scene 3, lines 26-29 should be labeled in parenthesis as follows: (MNDV,iii,26-29) Use italics for titles of books, plays and major poems, or for foreign language words, if you have an italic font; otherwise underline these items. Font: Size 12, Times New Roman NO PLAGIARISM thank you! source..
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22nd September 2011.
Decorum refers to the appropriateness of actions, which should be in accordance with the characters being portrayed and this essay will discuss the importance of this concept in A Midsummer Night`s Dream and Romeo & Juliet.
Given that these two were written as plays, and were penned with the vision of having the characters being played out on stage and portrayed as real characters, decorum is a relevant concept for actors to understand to deliver the roles as real and relatable. And to this end, decorum means certain values or things that are shown on the stage be appropriate, and in line with the level of audience.
Decorum in the Shakespearean times was important, as people of that time abided by the formalities and regarded propriety highly, and it is order to study the norms and the traditions of that time that studying decorum in Shakespeare`s plays is important. Plays and literature such as the Midsummer Night`s Dream and Romeo and Juliet are in fact windows in time to understand society as it existed at the time.
The play midsummer night`s dream is based of magic, love, philosophy and fantasy having various characters such as fairies. The theme is complex due to its imaginative attributes and to pay a tribute to its complexity, the portrayal of the characters should also be the same. Thus, when this play was acted it did not meet the level that it should it have met. Instead of engaging viewers in the play, the spirit of the play was done away with by displaying it as dull act having no immense meaning.
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