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Red Cell: Terrorist Attack. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


1) Introduction:
Explain how ISIS-West Africa is likely to conduct a major and imminent attack within the United States, and complete an in-depth profile on the group you selected. 
2) Terrorist Group Profile (Organizational Assessment):
Provides a description of the organization’s ideology, goals & objectives, leadership, funding, and terrorist capabilities
3) Hypothetical Terrorist Attack: 
In your paper describe in detail at least one major hypothetical terrorist attack on the U.S. Homeland by this group -- an event that could happen in the immediate future (an imminent attack). 
You can describe the full spectrum of capabilities the group has to conduct attacks on our Homeland in your paper from a specific single site attack (an iconic building), to complex synchronized or multi-city attacks, or even the use of WMDs. Describe only the terrorist capabilities and weapons that are relevant to an attack on our homeland (for example it does not matter that ISIS had battle tanks and other major weapons for this paper, only what they have that could be brought here to attack the US, or acquired here). You need to explain what the impending terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland would look like and how they would do it -- such as attacking a specific sporting event or a certain target you select for the organization. When it comes to picking a target(s) in one or multiple cities for your hypothetical attack(s) you can use your imagination and try to think like a terrorist (big impact, well covered by media, and fear spreading),
Also, it needs to be a planned attack by a group or at least a cell from the group, it can NOT be a lone wolf nor can the attack be by a radicalized individual or citizens. While these homegrown attacks are much more likely, these lone wolf or radicalized individuals attacking within the U.S do not allow you to develop your future research papers on how to collect, analyze and then disrupt these attacks (the topics of your progress and final papers). 
In sum, you must describe a specific physical attack (not just a cyber-attack) on a target or targets that you assess the organization capable of conducting, and it must be an attack within the U.S. Homeland and be conducted by a trained group or a cell of terrorists (not homegrown or cyber only attack). In other words, if you pick al Qaeda or ISIS/ISIL then the attack cell needs to come from overseas.


Red Cell: Terrorist Attack
[Institutional Affiliation]
When someone mentions the Islamic State (IS) terrorists, then what comes to mind is the Middle East, where the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) exist. You are not mistaken to think that because it is a terrorist group, it follows the doctrines of the Salafi Jihadist, a fundamentalist of the Sunni Islam CITATION AlI14 \l 2057 (Al-Ibrahim,, 2014). In early 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or ISIS, dominated the news headlines globally after driving the Iraqi forces working for the government out of key cities, like when they captured Mosul and after conducting the Sinjar massacre CITATION AlS14 \l 2057 (Al-Salhy, Suadad, Arango, & Tim, 2014). While the news of the capture of Mosul was growing, the group’s firm grip of the Saharan Africa was equally quietly growing, but not after it had a merger with Boko Haram. Over the years later, other IS affiliates started growing started coming out especially in African countries like the West Africa there is a group known as the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS) or the ISIS West Africa, another one called the Islamic state in Somali (ISS) which are located in the northern Somali stretching to Puntland, and the third one just close by is known as the Islamic State in Somali, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda (ISISSKTU) which is raising a lot of concern.

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