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Sexual Values Reflection Paper Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Based on our class discussions about influences on sexuality, you will write a brief response paper about things that have influenced your values around sex. Think about how family, friends, religion or faith, media, school, images, personal experiences, etc…may have influenced your values towards sex, sexuality and your sexual identity (gender identity, sexual orientation & sex/gender role).
What to write: Write a definition of sex and sexuality, and sexual identity, in the context of this assignment. Make the definition clear so that someone outside the class can understand it. Give supporting examples of your definitions.
Describe the influences that have shaped your values and how that has impacted your sense of your sexual identity.
This paper is a reflection paper and should present your values and beliefs; I am interested in having you practice articulating your ideas and opinions. You do not need to turn to outside sources, but if you do, correctly cite them.
Be sure to include a title, your name and your student ID on your paper. You will submit your paper into directly through this link.
Grading criteria: Must address the prompt, should state what your values are, should give specific examples of influences, should detail how factors mentioned influenced these values, must be a coherent essay, good flow and easy for reader to follow, linear and/or organized thought, good paragraph focus, must be proper length, grammar and spelling should be largely correct.
Note: This class will have developmental and second language writers, so there may be grammatical and spelling errors present. But I am interested in content; good content can come through unless there are dramatic errors at the sentence level (i.e., punctuation, word choice, grammar, spelling, etc…) which interfere with expression of ideas and thoughts.
Length: Word count should be between 750 - 1,300 words total.
This writing assignment is worth 50 points.
50 points is a perfect paper. Most diligent students with a few errors score between 49-40 points.
Paper similarity index score on Turnitin should not exceed 20-25%. Any plagiarized papers will receive a 0.
I hope you enjoy writing this piece - my grading team and I all look forward to reading your insightful work!


Sexual Values Reflection Paper
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Sexual Values Reflection Paper
Sex is the physiological differences that exist between female, male, and various intersex bodies. Sex entails both primary and secondary sex characteristics; primary characteristics are related to the reproductive system whereas secondary characteristics are not related directly to the reproductive system, like facial hair and breasts. In people, one’s biological sex is determined during birth based on such factors as gonads, chromosomes, internal reproductive anatomy, hormones, and genitalia. Notably, sex is divided into male and female. On the other hand, sexuality is an individual’s sexual attraction and interest in others, and the ability to have erotic responses and experiences. An individual’s sexual orientation refers to their sexual and emotional attraction to particular genders or sexes, and this is what shapes their sexuality. Sexuality is usually expressed and experienced in different ways such as fantasies, thoughts, beliefs, social, desires, emotional, physical, attitudes, and relationships. Such may be manifested in physical, biological, spiritual, social, or emotional aspects. Finally, sexual identity refers to how one thinks of self in regard to whom they are sexually or romantically attracted. It may also be described as sexual orientation identity. Several experiences have shaped by values and this has positively impacted by sense of my sexual identity.

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