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Steam Distillation’s lab report. Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Lab Report Sample)


Experiment 2: Steam Distillation’s lab report guideline
Abstract: Briefly describe the purpose of today experiment. Explain why steam distillation was chosen to isolate eugenol from ground cloves. What technique did you use to purify the eugenol? How much product did you isolate? (10 points)
Discussion, observation and Conclusion (a-f are information you need to have, please include them into your discussion in a few paragraphs), (40 points):
a. Briefly describe what you did to isolate the eugenol from ground cloves.
b. What organic solvent did you use to extract eugenol from the aqueous mixture using liquid-liquid extraction? Which is the top layer (organic or aqueous layer) and why?
c. What drying agent did you use to dry your organic solvent?
d. Briefly describe the nature of the product you obtained. Is it a solid? Liquid? What’s the color?
e. Discuss your % yield. Is this a good yield or bad yield? Why?
f. Possible source of error?
Some data:
mass of ground cloves used: 302mg
Mass of eugenol isolated: 55mg


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Steam Distillation’s lab report
Steam distillation is a process that is used to separate two or more substances, which are chemically inert, immiscible, and have high boiling points (Antic, 1). The method of steam distillation can be carried out either directly or indirectly. The primary purpose of this experiment is to separate eugenol from cloves. The reason behind choosing the steam distillation method is because it allows the separation of both volatile and non-volatile substances without the need of raising the temperatures above 100c(Antic,1). Oil of cloves is rich in eugenol, which is one of the classes of compounds known as phenols, which requires medium heat during extraction (Antic, 2).

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