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Current Event Eassy. Poverty. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Siociology esl class,find a current event and write a five pages eassy,Follow the file i upload please.


Sociology 101, Fall 2019 CURRENT EVENT ASSIGNMENT Description The current event assignment is a five-page sociological analysis (essay) of a current issue in society. In addition to the five-page essay, you must also complete the essay outline provided by the instructor and submit it as part of your assignment. To complete this assignment you need to: 1) Find a news story, magazine article, or documentary highlighting a current issue that you are interested in 2) Choose at least three different sociological concepts, terms, ideas, or theories that you think are connected to the current issue 3) Complete the essay outline provided by the instructor to help structure your five-page essay 4) Write the five-page essay 5) Submit the ESSAY and OUTLINE in ONE DOCUMENT to BlackBoard by the deadline In addition to the news story/documentary you choose, decide AT MINIMUM THREE REFERENCES from COURSE READINGS that help explain the current issue from a sociological perspective. Each chapter from the Introduction to Sociology counts as a separate reference. Formatting ● Five pages in length ● Double- spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins ● Title your current event ● Top left corner: First Name Last Name Date Sociology 101 Meredith Gamble ● In-text citations and reference page required (minimum 3 references) ● Completed essay outline is pasted after the reference page ● Acceptable documents: Microsoft Word or PDF Assessment Assessment is based on twenty-four points distributed across these criteria: 1. Introduction: Introduce the topic you chose, and the three sociological concepts you use in your analysis (3pts) 2. Application of sociological ideas: Analyze your topic using three sociological concepts. Define the sociological terms, and describe how your topic represents an example of the concept (12pts) 3. Essay Outline: Complete the required essay outline and attach it to your current event essay (5pts) 4. Clarity: Clear, precise writing free from vague claims, incorrect, or contradictory statements (1pt) 1 Sociology 101, Fall 2019 5. Thoughtfulness and Depth: Critical and insightful analysis that demonstrates deep engagement with material (1pt) 6. Formatting: Correctly formatted and accurate citations and reference page (2pt) Grading Rubric The current event assignment is worth 20% of your final grade, and is worth 20 points. You can receive half-points. Your grade is calculated using the following criteria: CRITERIA DESCRIPTION MAXIMUM POSSIBLE POINTS 1. Formatting and references Formatting guidelines are followed (such as font size, length etc.). References are properly cited in-text and included on a separate reference page. You include in the reference page: 1. ONE Article/documentary about current event 2. THREE references from class readings 2 2. Introduction of current event You give a clear overview of the current event you are writing about. You state the three sociological concepts you will use to analyze the topic. 3 3. Application of sociological ideas to current event You apply sociological topics and ideas discussed in readings to the current social issue. You use your “sociological imagination” to make a connection between a current event and sociology. Three points allocated to each of the three required sociological concepts. 9 4. Clarity Your memo is understandable and is free from contradictory statements, repetition, and vague claims. 1 5. Thoughtfulness and Depth Your memo is insightful and analytical. You critically engage with sociological concepts and the sociological imagination. 1 6. Essay Outline You complete and submit the essay outline with your current event assignment 4 TOTAL 20 2 Sociology 101, Fall 2019 3


The issue of poverty in society is caused by various aspects. The various instances of poverty originate from various reasons. Poor women suffer in poverty due to the oppression they face from gender inequality. Most women can't achieve independence in various communities, resulting in high levels of poverty in the population. On the other hand, some communities are poor due to limited access to resources. Poor coordination in various societies escalates the levels of poverty. All the members in a certain community should work together to eradicate poverty and attain stability. The basic concepts of feminism, conflicts and functionalism describe various attributes of poverty and the respective methods in the eradication of poverty.
Feminist perspective
Feminist theory studies gender, patriarchy and oppression towards women. The sociological concept defines a society that men dominate all aspects of power and women are high excluded (LibreTexts libraries, 2019). Gender biased societies acting against women render the population powerless in various aspects of the community. The unequal distribution of power lands the weak gender into various issues like lack of independence, whereby every decision involving women lies on the ultimate implementation of men. Most women have found themselves in poverty due to limited power and independence. According to the societal norms, a man dominated society doesn’t allow women to work because the population is rendered weak. The high levels of poverty among some women originate from the laid dependent nature of the society that the gender must follow and adhere with total compliance.

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