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Movie Reflection: Life on Earth 12 of 13. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Please watch the following moviehttps://www(dot)dailymotion(dot)com/video/x2iesvz, then answer the questions in order using numbers.
Please watch the following movie and then type up your answers to the questions asked in the assignment. Make sure your answers are complete, thorough, well thought out, and well written. Pay close attention to spelling and grammatical composition. Assignments using word-for-word information from online sources will be graded as a zero. Please see the grading rubric for more information Grading Rubric for Movie Reviews.pdf
1Briefly list and discuss the main topics in the film.
2What did you find most interesting? Discuss why.
3What did you find most difficult? Discuss why.
4Why did lemurs on Madagascar evolve into so many forms?
5How did prosimians (e.g., the loris) survive outside of Madagascar?
6What do marmosets like to eat?
7Do lemurs see colors? Do monkeys see colors?
8Do monkeys spend time on the ground in Africa? Why or why not?
9How do gibbons move?
10List some characteristics shared between humans and other primates?
*Note: Correction!!! The date chimpanzees & humans diverged from each other is more recently than Attenborough says – only 7-6 million years ago. Also, contrary to what Attenborough says, Madagascar has been separated from Africa for > 100 million years. The video was shot over 30 years ago.


Movie Reflection: Life on Earth 12 of 13
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1. Briefly list and discuss the main topics in the film.
The film focused on primates, discussing interesting facts regarding the primates’ body structure, habitat, food preference, mating, way of life, etc. The film was also able to show defining characteristics that each type of primate has, and also reasons as to why they had to adapt to the way they are now.
2. What did you find most interesting? Discuss why.

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