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FINAL PAPER - NEW WAVE CINEMA. Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The paper is a standard 8-10 page research paper (page count does
not include illustrations) on a topic of your choice, and approved by me, relating to the New Wave cinema as covered in the class. Any standard style manual for research papers will suffice. Here is a link that covers basics:
As I have said numerous times, given that you are doing research for a presentation it would seem to make sense that you take that as the basis for your paper. However you are not wed to this suggestion. If there is something about some other film, director theme etc. great, let’s talk.
My intent is that the paper be on a topic that each student extracts/evolves out
of their own interests as piqued by the material for the class.
The 2 movies I chose to write about is both from Wim Wenders.
"Paris, Texas" and "Alice in the cities"
Please go find the 2 movies' sources yourself online.
Please relate these two movies together to compare and contrast.
mainly focusing on the time period NEW WAVE CINEMA's history and the similarities of Wim Wenders' film.
Talk about Wim Wenders and his experience.
In his film the characteristic built and the way how Europeans see American's life.
Both ROAD movies and DRAMA.
character's mind growing and character become satiation.
Please message me if you have any thesis question further


New Wave Cinema
New Wave is based on French art film movement which came into existence in the 1950s. The move was formed based on opposition to the then traditional filmmaking conventions which favoured the spirit of iconoclasm and empirical or experimentation. New Wave Cinema came up with new ways of editing, the visual style and narration, and methods of engaging the political and social class upheavals during that era. The new wave became one of the most influential and known movements in the history of film. New Cinema term was initially associated with French film critics for the magazine that promoted tradition quality of mainstream in French cinema in the 1950s. The magazine emphasized on craft over innovation and old works over new empirical works.[Forbes, Jill, and Sarah Street. European cinema: An introduction. Macmillan International Higher Education, 2017.]
Using a portable apparatus which required no setup or just a little set up of time, the New wave way of cinema making made a documentary style. The movies have direct sounds on film stock which call for less light. Some of the filming strategies included discontinuous editing, fragmented and long takes. The movement involved a significant number of directors including François Truffaut, Jacques Demy and Agnes Varda, among others. In rejection of the traditional way of filming, the films of these directors emphasized on-location shooting, handheld cameras, deemphasized plot and improvised dialogue, long takes, direct sound and live recordings. This piece of work shall explore how Wim Wenders films, the "Paris, Texas" and "Alice in the cities" compare and contrast about the New Wave Cinema era.[Ibid]

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