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Japan Tsunami (Essay Sample)

i will upload soon you can do colloquial and slang language or just slang or both ! whatever is the topic. it must be writen very academically as this is a very academic subject source..

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(10, May, 2011)
Japan Tsunami
Tsunami is a Japanese name that means wave harbor. It is also known as a tsunami wave train and sometime some people call it tidal wave. Tsunami is a series of water waves that is normally caused by a large displacement of large volume of water in the ocean or in large lakes and seas (Miller Et al, 2011). They mainly occur in Japan which has so far recorded approximately one hundred and ninety-five events with the most recent being the worst event ever witnessed within the region. Due to the high volumes of water and most settlements being done at the shows of the ocean and lakes tsunami becomes very destructive.
Devastating Tsunami
The thesis statement being discussed is on "Whither tsunami is Devastating”. In reference to the most recent event happened on 11th March 2011. The devastating tsunami was triggered b...
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