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Japan Tsunami (Essay Sample)

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(10, May, 2011)
Japan Tsunami
Tsunami is a Japanese name that means wave harbor. It is also known as a tsunami wave train and sometime some people call it tidal wave. Tsunami is a series of water waves that is normally caused by a large displacement of large volume of water in the ocean or in large lakes and seas (Miller Et al, 2011). They mainly occur in Japan which has so far recorded approximately one hundred and ninety-five events with the most recent being the worst event ever witnessed within the region. Due to the high volumes of water and most settlements being done at the shows of the ocean and lakes tsunami becomes very destructive.
Devastating Tsunami
The thesis statement being discussed is on "Whither tsunami is Devastating". In reference to the most recent event happened on 11th March 2011. The devastating tsunami was triggered by the biggest earthquake in the record of Japan made a very a lot of destruction on the North Eastern coastal part of the country (Folger, 2011).
The earthquake had a magnitude of 8.9 in the Ritcha scale. Its effects might be felt for a long time because it has affected the nuclear reactors which are leaking and posing additional human risks. This made thousand of the people to be evacuated from an area that is around Fukushima nuclear plant after the pressure from the plant and radiations rose from the reactor (Vardiman, 2011)
Due to the radiations that have been emitted from the reactor, the authority have planned to prevent pressure on the reactors, with an aim that will make radio active materials to be released in the atmosphere. This tsunami disaster by April 25th had claimed 14,133 people according to Nicholas, 2011, that offers official death toll and more than 13, 346 others were reported missing. The number of projected deaths is about 20,000 while 130,000 people remained in makeshift shelters.
Tsunami has caused a huge economic slow down which will most likely be felt on ...
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