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Analysis why the US went to war with Iraq in 2003 (Essay Sample)


Cover page required.
3 sources per question giving you six total. On Each question, you will have to use the textbook as one source. On the attachment you will see the ISBN number, with the title of the book. IT has to be that Book only. No other substitutes or editions. I spoke to Amanda, and she said that you guys have that book or access.
MLA Format.
Two pages per Question. Also


Date: 13th January 2011.
Analysis why the US went to war with Iraq in 2003
The first possible reason why the United States got involved in the 2003 Iraq war was in response to the responsibility for the collective security of the world. As a super power country and ally to countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland United States had to play its role as an ally member to security threats directed towards state and other ally states. The collective security was intended to secure a safer world especially after Saddam Hussein is removed from power which he was viewed to misuse and cause insecurity to entire world. The collective involvement in the Iraq war was intended to stop the aggressor state from threatening the system security hence creating peace for all (Buzan, Et al. 139).
Another possible reason why United States went to Iraq war was due to the belief that unified states are always rational and make correct decisions while the aggressor often alone are always wrong and therefore the need for it to correct the wrong state which happened to be Iraq.
In addition to that United States participated in the war as a deterrence method against the aggressor hence the need for the international community US included to oppose or disapprove it from its actions of engaging in war was the option.
Finally the country was being responsible as a member state in mutually carrying out its tasks in arms control and general disarmament. Iraq was suspected to harbor weapons of mass destruction and war was the only way to disarm it for the safety of the world. This made United States go to war with Iraq.
As a sovereign state United States went to war with Iraq as matter of national security to its citizens especially when considering that Iraq’s possession of arms threatened United States national security. Another reason was to cater for its national interests as a sovereign state hence had to show case its military strength to its aggressor and this was done through engagement in war. This was a way of attaining a balance of power to prevent the aggressor state of being most powerful especially by developing weapons of mass destruction (Rourke, 81).
One of the individual reasons why united sate went to war with Iraq was to guarantee security fro every one of its citizens especially from threats that came from Iraq. Another reason is to confirm that every American has the right to defend itself from anyone who threatens the security of oneself and that of his loved ones.
Realism and liberalism in understanding international system
The international realism theory asserts that nations or states are in

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