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Scholarship-essay (Essay Sample)

This essay is for a scholarship I want to apply for. This is the scholarship description: The United Youth Fitness Scholarship is available to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. To be considered, you must answer the following question in 500 word or less: "What does fitness mean to you, and how can you better incorporate overall health and fitness into your daily life as a student?" I would like the essay to be creative and inspiring. Please, I would really appreciate a very well written essay. Hopefully you guys can help me win this! source..
"What does fitness mean to you, and how can you better incorporate overall health and fitness into your daily life as a student?"
It’s often said that a healthy mind equals a healthy body - if you think positive and strong thoughts they tend to reflect on your health accordingly. To me personally, I feel there is a flip side to that phrase as well which is equally as strong – a healthy body equals a healthy mind.
The benefits of being physically fit in body and mind are quite well known to most of us in this day and age. For instance, people use their fitness regimes, amongst others, as a way of lowering stress levels, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Most importantly a regular fitness program helps keep our metabolism steady which has countless direct and indirect benefits on our daily life.
As a student I strongly feel that the same concepts of health and fitness can be applied as part of our routines. As students at various levels go through the rigor of assessments, assignments, research papers etc… a lively fitness routine at the end of day not only helps in refreshing the mind but also provides a healthy get away from the daily pressures of academia.
At the same time it helps to keep ones mind active and sharp. A good workout (as mentioned above) helps improve the flow of blood and supply of nutrients to the mind thereby improving its performance and alertness during the day. Therefore keeping the body fit will help in keeping the mind sharp which in turn, I strongly believe, will assist in studies and other activities. In order to incorporate fitness as part of ones daily life I personally feel is a simple three step process.
The first step of course is intent - it is imperative that we harbor the intent so that we can actually make the extra effort and go to the gym after a long hard day of mental and social activities.
The second step is to have a certain degree of discipline. To translate the resolve into tangible action one needs to have consistency in approach. This helps in building a routine at the initial level and helps surmount the emotional and physical hurdles faced at an early stage.
The third and final...
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