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Inequality, Conflict and Social Justice (Essay Sample)

Creating the Other: Race, Ethnicity and Inequality 1. McMullin, Chapter 4 (Text) 2. Levine and Campbell, “Sumner and the Universal Syndrome.” In Ethnocentrism: Theories of conflict, ethnic attitudes, and group behaviour. New York: Wiley, 1972. (CR) 3. Goodwin, “Beyond Ideology: Nationalism.” In Using Political Ideas (CR) 4. Moix, B. Matters of Faith: Religion, Conflict and Conflict Resolution.” In The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: theory and practice, edited by Deutsch, Coleman, and Marcus, 582-601. San Francisco, CA: Wiley, 2006. (CR) These are short essays which will give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you have read and thought about the assigned readings. Mostly, they are meant to provide you with an opportunity to explore your own ideas on the course material and further enrich your class contributions. Though there is no set formula for a successful think piece, it is essential that you focus on analyzing rather than summarizing readings. For example, you may wish to make analytical links between readings, discuss readings in relation to past or ongoing conflicts, and/or explain why you are for or against an author's particular theory or idea. 2 double-spaced pages in length. source..
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Inequality, conflict and social justice have been a part of the world ever since. People have evolved and societies have been built through conflicts and resolutions of the same. Inequality has been the epicenter of the of these conflicts and have often lead to social justice. Ethnicity and race have often decorated these conflicts in the form of social injustice. These have mutated into hatred, ethnocentrism and more injustice. The situation has been made worse by democracy. Since democracy depends on the majority population, this has precipitated injustice as the minority keep being ignored and their views not making effect in the overall governance in the society. Because of this, people have often tried to come up with means and ways to solve these conflicts and iron out the difference in order to build a stronger society. CITATION Cam72 \l 1033 (Campbell)
Causes of conflict and social justice
In the ancient world and even today, conflict was ...
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