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Conflict and Symbolic Theories in Development of Education (Term Paper Sample)

Compare, contrast, find similiraties and differences in between the theories of conflic and symbolic interaction in regards the Institution of Education. Explain why this development is significant. source..
Conflict and Symbolic Theories in Development of Education
Sociology theories gives basis for the combination of concepts and ideas to explain the factual prospective of an option. Social analysis of the two theories both conflict and symbolic intervention theories, conflict theories has its ideas of Karl Max and Weber opinion that he saw things weren`t done in an appropriate way e.g. distribution of wealth and the evaluation of George Herbert Mead theory in the symbolic interaction theory where ideas wrote by other sociologist and elaborated them in the "symbols for the purpose of interaction" (255). Based on this, the theories can be compared and contrasted giving detail and focus on similarities and differences.
In comparing the conflict theory to symbolic theory, the quality lies at the centre of the society which is the basic competition and negative assumption, racial judgment, gender and religious while the other theory is an on going process of interaction as based in education setting in the social life by attaching meaning to symbols to their subjects interpretation. While its symbolic in social structure and position in social construction of reality using communication language and thoughts in the cognitive orientation of better actions and change in behavior promotes learning and teaching process, "conflict theory is negative, conflicted, ever changing social settings and any resources can be used as a tool of privilege against others" (Carl 91) and thus communicate in cut short and a clear cut between the haves and less fortunate. Moreover, while negotiations based on influence, threats, induction and consensus, the theory basically outlines threats and coercion as the way of ruling and acquiring for self in terms of limited resources while symbolic looks into the subjective perception which are critical on how symbols are interpreted for reality shaping and self with others as a complex setting of society and social institutions significantly.
On the other aspect of stability, conflict theory is a static process whereby the kind of competition and tension called for radical changes always be felt in the social system institutions based on the institutions and education development, ranking and indiscipline crops up in that teachers would need to be promoted to next stage in examination thus bringing about tension because it could bring about lack of satisfaction or disappointment through the employees and employer, students and parents. Yet still, the kind of competition in school will bring about boosting of better performance if the kind of competition well controlled but the otherwise is destruction and loss of life leading to indiscipline among students and strike cases, school drop outs. cases without any way of modification because it focuses mainly economic status and acquisition of positions thus challenged by haves and have nots, while symbolic interaction theory ...
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