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Immigration is Good to America: Immigration Makes Americans Less Isolated Globally (Essay Sample)


My essay should be argumentative essay. My thesis should be similar to my topic. My thesis is immigrants have problems adapting to the US in terms of language, school, work, values. I need to incorporate analysis of the reading and somebody personal experience to make clear and precise argumentative essay. The page should not be less than 3 pages. My instructor is very serious on plagiarism.


Immigration is good to America
The question of whether or not immigration is good for America has gone on for a long time with different groups of people taking sides in the debate. Some people feel that immigration is not good for America because immigrants have problems adapting to the US in terms of language, school, work, values. Despite this view, there are many reasons to support immigration as being good for America. Immigration creates new business opportunities, customer base, new employment and boost economy through taxation and revenue generation to the American government (Engler, 2014). According to OECD (2014), immigration also supplies skilled labor force to the American to the ever expanding American manufacturing and processing industries as well as the service sector. This paper argues in support of the position that in spite of the fact that immigrants faces a number of challenges such as language barrier, school work as well as values, immigration is good for America.According to Kelly (2013), Many Americans might wrongly think that immigrants hurt the US economy, since most come under scholarships funded by the American government to pursue tertiary study opportunities. However, many leading economists hold a consensus that economies get a net boost from immigration in the actual sense. Migration Policy Institute of America report shows that immigration does not negatively interfere with but improves productivity, employment, and income, especially in a growing economy like the current American one. Many business experts see immigration as a way of providing a boost to the American economy by 4.8 percent and 1.0 percent of the gross domestic product and productivity respectively as shown by research from the Bipartisan Policy Center (Engler, 2014). Immigration would also help add 9 million workers to the labor market with a slight wage increase for more than 20 years as estimated by the American Congressional office of budget. If immigration is legalized and reformed, massive fiscal problems would be solved because there would be a decrease of about $1.2 trillion on the federal deficits for over 20 years. In this regard, it would be less hard to invest in infrastructure and training programs as it is currently. According to OECD (2014), most immigrants play a vital role in the dynamics of the economy being that immigrants account for 25% of all employees with 22% of immigrant entries in the strongly growing occupations within the United States. Some of the most dynamic economic sectors in which new immigrants work includes health care, science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Immigrants who account for 28% in the United States of America also represent the most declining economic sector occupations. These sectors include craft, trade works and machine operations and assembling. Production jobs, maintenance and repair as well as installation are other declining sectors of the economy in which immigrants play a significant role. The immigrants are therefore filling up the labor deficit by taking up the non-attractive occupations to the Native born Americans. In spite of challenges in values and adapting to the society, immigrants create business opportunities to American communities at large (Engler, 2014). It is est...
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