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Final assignment. Protecting The Nation. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


This paper consists of 4 different questions. I have attached the article for question 1.
1. Do you feel immigration serves as the most important at this point in time? Be sure to provide significant support for your argument. **(Protecting the nation from Foreign Terrorist)** (2 pages)
2. When examining critical infrastructure, which sector possess the biggest risk and what legal and ethical issues must the U.S. government consider when attempting to harden the target? (2 pages)
3. Discuss the challenges associated with protecting the homeland and balancing privacy and civil liberties. Is there a conflict that exists between the law, ethics, and politics and does this present challenges in homeland security? (2 pages)
4. Critique the homeland security enterprise’s capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties. (2 pages)


Protecting The Nation
Protecting The Nation
Immigration does not serve as the most important at this time due to emerging threats from terrorists, particularly from state-sponsored criminals. Currently, a large number of terrorist organizations are taking advantage of refugee programs so that they can infiltrate the United States. Most of these programs have been an easy target since the approaches used to vet and screen refugees were not useful, allowing a large number of terrorists to enter the country over the years (“Executive Order 13780—Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” 2017). The risks inherent in immigration programs expose a large percentage of the population to more threats.
Various programs have been initiated by the federal government to encourage individuals from religious minority groups to move to the US if they are facing persecution. However, such programs have become an opportunity for terrorists to enter the county. The changes in immigration policies also reveal the importance of protecting the country by ensuring that new immigrants are not a threat. 

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