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Exam 1. Global Health Transitions. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Requirements: APA style, a minimum of three reliable sources cited twice, 12-point font double spaced, 500+ words.
Note: Exams are due by June 14th at 11:59pm. Late submissions will not be accepted without special circumstances.
Global Health Transitions (Pick one)
1) The vast amount of causes of death are entirely avoidable. Why aren’t they? What would YOU do about it? How does that contrast with what IS done about?

2) You have the power to decide a major health transition that will shape our world in some way. What would it be and why do you decide upon it over anything else? What do you anticipate the outcome to be and how would you go about it?
Global Health Priorities (Pick one)
1) We have discussed global health achievements at length. Do you feel they are enough? Could they be more? Should they? Defend your stance.

2) is a constantly fought battle. Considering either of the countries you have selected (or both) what is most critical to focus on there?

3) Health metrics and statistics are possibly the most misused, misunderstood, and manipulated aspect of bias and false representation of health. Give a recent example and support the reality with facts.

4) List the three most important millennium and sustainable development goals for each of your countries. Please explain why they are important and what their goals are.
Socioeconomic Determinants of Health (Pick One)
1) Is there a point to protesting? Why or why not? Compare national and international examples and their outcomes.
2) We face many inequalities ranging form locally to globally. Compare and contrast those locally in the United States to those of your selected countries. Are some worse than others? How are they handled and approached in each? What about in regard and relation on a personal level?


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Exam One
This paper is a culmination of three essays chosen from global health transitions, global health priorities, and socio-economic determinants of health categories.
Global Health Transitions: The vast amounts of causes of death are entirely avoidable. Why aren’t they? What would you do about it? How does that contrast with what is done about it? How does it compare with what is being done about it?
It is surprising to realize that the majority of deaths around the globe are preventable. Let us have a look at the 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) Report on the leading causes of death in a bid to get a better glimpse of the whole picture. The WHO report showed that more than half of all deaths in relatively low resourced countries were caused by infectious diseases and maternal causes that are traceable to the child, pregnancy complication, and inadequacy of nutritional components (WHO, 2018). The high-income counterparts had less than seven %of their deaths attributable to such causes. The lower respiratory system infections cause relatively high mortality across both high-income and low-income countries, but its adversity is more pronounced in low-income nations (WHO, 2018). 

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