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Culture, Socialization, and Deviance. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you are going to provide a culture, socialization, and deviance-based analysis of race and policing in the United States as discussed in the following op-ed: Click here to read How Policing Black Boys Leads To The Conditioning Of Black Men. (https://www(dot)npr(dot)org/sections/codeswitch/2017/05/23/465997013/opinion-how-policing-black-boys-leads-to-the-conditioning-of-black-men) <--- USE THIS
I'd like you to include the following four parts in your paper:
Part I: Cultural Analysis (1 full paragraph)
First, I'd like you to make two unique and specific observations about how American culture (i.e., one related to material culture and one related to non-material culture) operates in the situations described in the article. Keep in mind that we learned about many specific aspects of material and non-material culture, so your analysis should reflect these lessons.
Part II: Socialization Analysis (1 full paragraph)
Second, I'd like you to think about why this happens. Socialization is the process by which we learn how to operate in a given society. How do the authors suggest that the policing of Black boys influences their socialization? Here, I'd like you to make two specific references to Sociological processes, concepts, or ideas presented you've learned in class.
Part III: Deviance Analysis (1 full paragraph)
Last, I'd like you to make a connection to theory. A theory is a system of thought that researchers use to make sense of a phenomenon (e.g., why is this happening and what does it tell us about society?). We learned several positivist and constructionist theories to studying deviance. Describe one specific theory (e.g., a theory that is related to Social Strain, Social Learning , Labeling , Stigma, or Conflict perspectives) and apply it to this situation. Present both the benefits and drawbacks of using this perspective as a way of understanding the behavior or black boys, men, or the police.
Part IV: Making Connections (1 full paragraph)
Applying your Sociological Imagination, I'd like you to tell us how the policing of black boys and men is currently being treated in American society: Is it considered a "personal trouble" or a "social problem?" What evidence suggests this? Should it be considered otherwise?
You must use at least one outside scholarly resource to support your argument here. Click here to read about credible outside sources.
I usually do not provide students external resources for their papers, but given recent events, I would encourage you all to listen to this 1-hour podcast featuring a historian discussing the history of Policing in America. This narrative deviates from the one that I was taught in high school (and even college). I think during this time when we are seeing a lot of anger and vitriol of about policing, it helps to contextualize that anger with peer-reviewed expertise. You may use this as an external resource to inform your Paper #1 assignment. **https://www(dot)npr(dot)org/2020/06/03/869046127/american-police**


Black Men Policing
Racial policing has been an obvious tale to the police department, especially on the black society in the US. Racist exclusion of blacks in the American welfares was clearly seen as early as during the implementation of articles of the conference (AOC). During AOC implementations, the racial minorities were not represented in the men congress and other state governance procedures. It was until 1890 when the blacks were included in the American census using the three-fifth policy so as to be represented in the federal government, a policy which was contrasted by most of the North American senators. Black exclusion, discrimination, and injustice have been clearly seen grounded in the American culture, socialization, and deviance-based traits towards black men's policies.

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