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Possibilities and challenges of Transformative Teaching (Essay Sample)

Develop an essay-style discussion around one of the following topics: 1. Possibilities and challenges of transformative teaching 2. The significance of an intersectional approach to education and equity (e.g., race, class and gender OR ability, sexuality and race OR culture, class, sexuality, etc.) 3. How is social justice related to education and equity? source..

Possibilities and Challenges of Transformative Teaching
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Possibilities and challenges of Transformative Teaching
Learning is an art where we are equipped with the right skills and knowledge that we would use to explore and interpret relationships. One of the key tenets in the development of any country is education. Therefore, In order for us to have the required skills and developed talents we have to be taught. Learning is a process of transforming one’s relationships with his/her community which constitutes society and nature (Cranton, 2009). Information is wide, diverse and a mirror image of a value system where the learner consistently challenges their location in relation to ideology, technology, culture, nature and power structure. There are various lessons that students have to go through in the learning process these include: traditional lesson where the experiences of learning are based on facts, concepts and skills for the students to internalize and comprehend; liberal lesson where the experiences of learning are based on skills, facts and connections to the student’s interest and transformative teaching in which the teacher acts as a director, mediator and facilitator that is, he has a destination in mind and makes effort on providing the directions to embark on the learning experience .
Transformative teaching is aimed at engaging students in community-based action (Alcantara, 2007).Teachers are seen as crucial elements in the educational system therefore they must be empowered and effectively be prepared at all costs to extend the curriculum skills and knowledge to the learner. The goals of transformative teaching are as follows; to advance instructional innovation, to support teaching faculty in their desire to promote learning in and out of the classroom, to bring to attention research about teaching to the society, to offer course development in all areas of enhancing, planning, evaluation and implementation and to create self-critical learners who have great levels of skills in communication, analysis and interpretation.
Teaching is a developmental process where the student shifts from less to greater sophisticated abilities and ideologies. Transformative teaching requires an ultimate new approach to learning and teaching which is more self-conscious about its methods and goals. Other than adopting an instructor-centered approach, transformative teaching is geared towards a learner-centered initiative. This paper is grounded on the possibilities of transformative teaching and some of the challenges that occur during this period.
Possibilities of transformative teaching
When the state begins to view teachers as strategic actors in the development process and increase the importance placed upon them and education then, they will have a positive impact in educational planning. Transformative teaching makes it possible for the state to approve the w...
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