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Legislative Acts Affecting the Aviation Industry (Essay Sample)

Discuss the importance of each legislative act affecting Airport Management and the aviation industry. Write a paper on any aspect of the course that interests you within the confines of Objectives for that week's materials you are reading. Each paper (text) must be 3-4 complete (full) typed pages and use APA formatting. Also the paper must have at least 3 references, meeting the requirements of an academic reference (Wikipedia and similar sites do not count),.and are no older than 5 years. source..

Legislative Acts affecting the aviation industry
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Every industry has their ways of scrutinizing and a measure that governs their well progress of their organizations. The air travel is known to be the large and most growing industry as it facilitates the economic growth, world trade, possible international investment have grown as a result of this industry and mostly it have made it possible for tourism industry making it the central to the globalization taking place in many industries (Chaudhary,2008). On the other hand, the legislative Acts affecting the aviation industry have their own uniqueness. This is as a result of aircraft not knowing how they should fit into the new market.
The aviation industry has some Legislative Acts which help the industry to progress properly therefore having dissimilar Acts as from flight licensing procedures, Governing of flights, the aviation instruments are some of the major tools for proper progress as stated by (Green, 2004). The civil aviation Act is frequently referred to as the constitution of Aviation as it`s well known to be used as a tool to regulate all issues of aviation and not for trafficking as most people assumes.
Some of the challenges affecting this Act are that though they are known to be Construction of Aviation, they don`t govern each and every aspect of the aviation industry or the operation of the aircraft. In fact, there are various additional legislative aspects regulating aviation aside from the Act hence they are not enabled by the legislature but by the executive hence affecting those who are not aware. The aviation industry should have similar norms which are well known and have a broader context than the merely national Acts and regulations.
The aviation transport Act of security is another legislative issue as some of aviations industry doesn`t take much consideration to baggage screening as well as passengers in order to create public confidence in the air services. By safeguarding the passengers, this will create confidence and the industry should let it to be authorized and screening officers should be in charge in order to make sure that they have prevented the carriage of weapons or items that are considered to be of threat to an aircraft.
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