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Cultural studies from a political philosophy view (Essay Sample)

Hello, I\\\'m studying my fourth year of philosophy. I\\\'d need an essay focused on cultural studies (globalization, identity, etc.) from a political philosophy view, since I must deliver it to my political philosophy class. I also would need on it some bibliographical sources, but not so underground, I prefer well known sources. From them, \\\"I\\\" should write the essay. I choose the 4 single spaced pages option (approx. 2200 words). 64,94ˆ (don't know why when I click to pay it says only 1000 words... source..
Date: June 17, 2011
Cultural studies from a political philosophy view
Culture is known to be one of the basic theoretical terms in most social sciences. It entails learning characteristics of the human society. However, culture has never excused itself from politics as long as there is an interaction of humans, but it has to be part and parcel of it. It is neither fully autonomous nor reducible but interwoven with various factors of the society. Cultural studies from the political philosophy can influence political and the social outcome especially when it comes to democracy, governance or the economic performance. One has to note that in today’s world, most people’s identity is shaped by more than one culture.
When we look at globalization, we can easily realize its impact in the cultural sphere. It is known to be the greatest contributor towards to destruction of cultural identities, victims of the accelerating encroachment of a homogenized, westernized and consumer culture. as a result, globalization has led to a new society characterized by cultural diversity. , as
When we look at the culture and politics, one needs to understand what politics is all about so as to know how it influences the human behavior. Politics from a wide perspective refers to those methods which the use of power is involved so as to influence the behavior of an individual and their participation in the civic affairs. with this deeper understanding, one is able to analyze some key elements of the political world which are conflict, movements, leadership, institutions and many more which are meant to bring some effect of effected by the culture itself through things such as identity, rhetoric, ideology, memory, decision-making and of course the emotions. The act of bridging disciplinary and methodological divides, the series rigorously explores the cultural dynamics of politics in local, national and the global perspectives. Nevertheless, that is why one can note that global politics are being reconfigured along the cultural lines and these trends will continue to evolve for some years to come. For it to achieve its goals, then it has to come up with new dimensions, a world wide agreement to install controls, checks and inspections while they allow the flow of trade to be free. For instance, when we talk about politics, one has to know that politicians are the most influential people when it comes to appealing to people for help or for protection and they always identify with cultures which are great that are meant to transcend the nation’s state boundaries.
That is why, the contemporary processes of globalization have created history in such a way that both the government and the society needs to be part and parcel of bringing out an unclear distinction between international and domestic, external and internal affairs. In that context, that is why globalization is a tool of respects due to its powerful ...
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