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Ground Zero: Construction of a Mosque (Essay Sample)

Throughout history, religious beliefs and practices have become politicized as one group seeks to denigrate, dominate or even eliminate another group. Values may be used as wedge issues in political contests. For example, same-sex marriage may be presented as the key issue in an election where a failing economy presents a much greater danger to the people at large. For example, during the summer of 2010, the creation of a Muslim cultural centre and mosque near the 9/11 site has dominated news cycles leading up to an election in which job creation, the deficit, national security, the fate of healthcare and financial reform, and the management of the war in Afghanistan are more critical national issues. Choose three articles from the news, (web, popular news magazines, or newspapers) and in a maximum three page, double-spaced paper identify the ways in which religious values or beliefs as well as non-religious values or biases are used either to support building the mosque on the planned site or to prevent it. source..

Ground Zero: Construction of a Mosque
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Ground Zero: Construction of a Mosque
The strong belief in a supernatural power or power that controls human destiny entails what we call religion. Religion is usually accompanied by worship of a deity or deities, supernatural powers or beings which are based on the teachings of a spiritual leader. There is a difference between religious beliefs and religion. Religion refers to both ideas and religious behavior. On the hand, religious beliefs can be seen to concentrate purely on ideas.
Islam is one of the world’s dominant religions. “Muslim” is an Arabic word meaning “one who submits to God”. It is a religion that has engulfed more than 20% of the worlds 7 billion people. The beliefs that are associated with Islam have made it to be considered as a “black religion”. It has been associated with jihad which has seen Muslims carry out terrorist activities around the world resulting in thousands of deaths. The most pronounced of these attacks was the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in the United States. Factors against Construction of the Mosque When plans to build a mosque near ground zero were made public, several outraged protestors held massive rallies to block plans to build the mosque. The mosque was part of a proposed 13-storey Muslim community center, which was to include a swimming pool, gym, theatre and sports facilities. These outbursts are caused by concerns of both religious as well as non religious beliefs. Non-Religious Beliefs arguments Against building the Mosque Near Ground Zero The 9/11 attacks claimed close to 4,000 lives. To the victims of the tragedy, Ground Zero is sacred ground. It is a shrine. One protester whose son was killed during the attacks sees the bid to create the mosque as a way to create a meeting place for more Islamic radicals; she saw this as the creation of a protest zone...
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