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Describe in detail the 5 Domestic Violence Theories. (Essay Sample)


Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Describe in detail the 5 theories of domestic violence listed below
1.Culture of Violence Theory (Positive School - Sociological Theory --social structure and cultural)
2.Social Disorganization Theory (Positive School - Sociological Theory --social structure and cultural )
3.Gender Role Theory (Positive School - Sociological Theory --social structure and cultural)
4.Intergenerational Transmission Theory (Positive School - Psychological Theory -- social learning)
5.Behavior Modeling Theory (Positive School - Psychological Theory -- social learning)
Conduct research on the Internet or using other library resources to find one recent (within the last ten years) case from the news (not legal cases necessarily, just incidents of domestic violence that made news headlines) for each of the theories you have chosen.

*For each case/news article, detail how one of the separate theories you have chosen can be used to explain the domestic violence that occurred.
For at least one of the domestic violence incidents, please, research North Carolina.
Step 2: Cite your resources.
Make sure that you note the websites and other materials you used in your research. This means that you must BOTH cite to the sources of your info (in-text citation -- i.e., (Godsey, 2017)), AND include a references page.
When citing the individual theories, please use the text: HEAVY HANDS: An Introduction to the Crimes of Intimate and Family Violence, Fifth Edition, by Denise Kindschi Gosselin
Thank you very much in advance.


Domestic Violence Theories
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1 On July 29, 2006, an infamous case about domestic violence aired in national news as Lissette Ochoa was heavily battered and almost killed by her husband, Rafael Dangond. According to news reports, Lissette Ochoa was battered by her husband for hours as he became jealous that his wife was dancing with another man. Using the Gender Role Theory, this can be viewed as his idea that women should always be reserved while men (especially husbands) are entitled towards ‘correcting’ their woman’s behavior. 

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