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American politics term reflection paper. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The focus of this large online course has primarily been on the content and core concepts of American politics, and I hope you’ve learned a lot! But it is also important to reflect on the material you’ve learned, as well as American politics today. To this end, I’m offering you the option to write a brief reflection paper on the course material, for which you can receive up to 10 percentage points extra credit on the final exam. (If you don't submit a paper, it won't be held against you!) Please upload the paper under the "Extra Credit - Reflection Paper" assignment on Carmen. The paper is due 10pm on Saturday, July 28th (the same time the CIAG quizzes are due).
The paper will be graded out of 10 points (2 points for quality of writing, 2 points for meeting the length and formatting requirements, and 6 points for the reflection itself). As for formatting, the paper should be 1 page single-spaced (1 inch margins, 12 point font), with only your name in the header.
In the paper, you can either: (a) use something you’ve learned in the course to explain and analyze some current events/patterns in American politics today (e.g., polarization, the politics of the Trump administration, etc.), or (b) discuss how the course has affected how you interact with/in our political system (e.g., Has it affected your prior beliefs about politics or political issues? Has it altered the ways that you think, talk, or process information about politics? Has it altered your willingness or desire to become more politically involved? There are many other questions you could address here!).


American Politics
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American Politics
In the last decade, there has been sharp divisions and palpable enmity among the public and elected leaders in the American political arena. In fact, the political divide has intensified more in President’s Trump administration than ever before. The divisions between the Democrats and Republican have been on the fundamental political subjects such as immigration, national security, governance, environmental protection, and race. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, the political rifts have widened more in the first years of Trump’s administration. The Democrats and Republicans are constantly drifting far more apart in terms of ideology than at any point in history. In essence, growing numbers of Americans from the two major political divide express highly toxic views of the conflicting party.

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