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Access and read the case - Voisine v. U.S. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Step 1: Access and read the case attached -- Voisine v. U.S.
Step 2: Write an essay that is 2 full pages in length about the case, being sure to address the following questions (but do NOT include the questions in the body of work):
What is the overall issue decided in this case?
Two Supreme Court Justices write opinions in this case. Who are they, and what do they have to say about the issue at hand? What is the overall opinion of the court in this case (That which controls what the law will be)? What is the dissent, and what does that/those Justices have to say?
The Court spends a great deal of time debating what "use of physical force" means, for purposes of making their final decision. What is the gist of the argument between the majority opinion and the dissent? Explain how each side defines "use of physical force." What examples do each side use to illustrate their arguments?
Explain, in detail, who might be impacted by this decision? What careers may be impacted, and why?
Please, let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to access the PDF file.
Thank you very much in advance.


Voisine v. the United States
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Whether it is the United States, England, Canada or Asia, no government allows the residents to carry firearms illegally, and the unwise or excessive use of weapons is always discouraged. Certain policies have been implemented in this regard. In the history of the United States, Voisine v. the United States emerged as a prominent case in which the Court announced that the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban would be extended to those convicted of reckless domestic violence. 

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