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Movie review. What is the film about? Social Sciences (Movie Review Sample)


I suggest
This assignment should be completed after you have completed Part 1-3 (part 1: chapter1-3,6-7, part 2: chapter 11-12,17-18,part 3: chapter 23,25,27,33)of the chapter outlines and reflections. It requires that you watch and examine two documentary films dealing with conflict and conflict resolution. WARNING: these two films contain graphic language and address complex and disturbing issues of societal inequality, violence, racism, and ideology.
The two films are:
1.The Interrupters: http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wgbh/frontline/film/interrupters/
2.Welcome to Leith: Youtube
If these links do not work for whatever reason, just type in the name of the film into Google along with the term PBS. You should be able to navigate to the full-length film in that manner.
For each film you will write a 3-4 page paper that answers the following questions:
1.What is this film about what are the key social issues it is addressing in relation to conflict?
2.What are the major interpersonal, intergroup, intrapsychic, and intragroup conflicts presented in the film?
3.What roles do inequality, power, culture, bias, and competition play in defining these conflicts?
4.What strategies are used to resolve the conflicts presented in the films: persuasion, empathy, aggression, trust development, communication, the legal system etc.?


Movie Review
Movie Review
The Interrupters
What is the film about? What are the key social issues it is addressing in relation to conflict?
The film The Interrupters was directed by Steve James and released in 2011. The film is about wrong decisions, addiction, gangs, recovery, and redemption from former dark paths and lives. The name of the film is significant in that it represents a group of people who have given their lives to a dangerous cause of being mediators with their goal being to encourage a ceasefire. Their message is quite clear because it seeks to remind those involved that they matter and that their lives are worth something. They also encourage those who are deep in addiction to stop. The main reason why their message is effective is because they were once living the life some of the victims are and can directly relate to the challenges that come with that life.

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