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4-5 Discussion Writing Workshop: Bullying in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


Write an argumentative draft essay , In the Paragraph discuss what will you write about, and what sources information sources you used.Used APA format. In this draft essay i will use the topic about Bullying in the Workplace.


Bullying in the Workplace
Bullying in the Workplace
Workplaces record cases of bullying that do not allow for the full exercising of the abilities of the workers. The offended, while harassed cannot deliver to the expectations (Costigan, 2012). Additionally, the cases may be exposed or may be kept silently. In discussing this case, it is possible to highlight who is bullied in workplaces; which come in age, gender, physical fitness and more (Crothers & Lipinski, 2014).
The ways of bullying should form the core of the essay. It will highlight what people call intimidation and what they should not refer to as bullying. Examples are sexual harassment, gender violence, age discrimination, racial and oppression because of economic abilities. In the details, the reasons why other people have chosen to be bullies are necessary if stated. Paul (2014) adds that at times, people allow others to bully them. It is a two-way consideration that will not incriminate one group of people. In such situations, the responsibilities they take to ensure they don’t bully others again will help in understanding the curbing steps in place. For others, they need to change that which cause bullying. As Mata (2012) agrees, organizations and workplaces also need to bring these issues to an end by ensuring punishments and corrections to those bullied.
Sources of this should be from real life examples like court cases. Others can be from labor institutions that try to teach and curb bullying. Research materials that have highlighted the cases will shed more light on the matters. Finally, the future trends of this will help in bridging the required peace at the workplaces.
Costigan, L. (2012).&Acir...
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