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Evidence Based Violence in Healthcare: Bullying in Healthcare (Research Paper Sample)


Evidence Based Violence in Healthcare Related Problem Paper Guidelines:
1. Each student will select a specific violence in healthcare related problem (lateral, bullying, verbal and physical aggression, threatening words or actions, sexual harassment, and physical assaults). (10%)
2. Identify the magnitude of the problem to the degree that it is known, based on peer-
reviewed literature and other resources. (15%)
3. Discuss: (25%)
• Operational definition;
• Characteristics;
• Risk factors for the problem;
• Effects/outcomes (e.g., health, quality of life, cost);
• Reporting procedures;
• Potential intervention/treatment strategies for prevention and control of the problem:
- The Federal Role
- The State Role
- Collaborating Community Services/interdisciplinary collaboration
4. Apply Strategies learned from online discussions, textbook readings, or assigned journal articles: (15%)
• Identify the most appropriate potential intervention and prevention strategies for the selected violence-related problem, based on your knowledge of the most successful approaches that you feel are warranted.
• Justify your position.
5. Critique current available research data and identify further research needs and 
efforts. (15%)
The paper will be evaluated for content including completeness of the discussion and analysis related to numbers 2-5 above. In addition, organization, grammatical construction, rhetoric, and appropriate use of references and resources will be considered in the total evaluation.
Length of Paper: Approximately seven to ten pages (quality, not quantity, is important); typed; double-spaced and APA formatting used.
Grading of Paper:
Content 80%
Organization, Grammatical Construction, and Rhetoric 10%
Citing References/Resources: At least 3 professional references, one must be from a nursing journal (use sources not older than 5 years ) 10%
Please, I want my paper to be on BULLYING.


Bullying in healthcare
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Workers in healthcare are exposed to violence such as physical assaults, bullying, lateral and sexual harassment. The paper will focus on bullying in healthcare where it will seek to determine magnitude of the problem, risk factors, outcomes and possible prevention and intervention strategies.
Magnitude of bullying
Bullying is prevalent in healthcare; Bullying is passed down from superiors or occur between coworkers. The bullying which occurs between coworkers is known as horizontal bullying. According to Etienne& Emerald (2014) internet-based survey conducted on 197 trainee nurses from Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana 72.6% of those novice nurses experienced one workplace bullying in the previous month. The novice nurses reported the bullying to be from experienced nurses.
According to Etienne& Emerald, (2014) a research conducted on healthcare bullying, 27.3% of the 249 emergency room nurses participated in the survey admitted to being bullied at workplace. 50% of those who reported being bullied identified bullies as directors and managers while 25% identified charge nurses as their bullies. Moreover, in a Turkish study 21% of the 286 nurses participated in the survey admitted bullying and reported that 39% of the bullying behaviors were committed by healthcare administrators. In addition, a research surveyed 674 nursing students established that the two main roots of bullying in the clinical location were clinical instructors by 30.25% and staff nurses by 25.49%.
Operational definition
Bullying in healthcare can be defined as recurring, awkward behavior aimed towards an employee or group of employees, that generate a risk to healthy and safety. The bullying can occur between health coworkers or passed down from senior or experienced health worker. In addition, bullying can passed from newer healthcare workers to veteran workers, especially when they are slow to adapt to new technology (Granstra, 2015).
Bullies in healthcare may exhibit characteristics such as the need to be in control and feel powerful. Senior healthcare worker would bully junior workers in pretence of exercising their authority. Through these actions the senior communicates to junior health workers that they are in control of every happening. In addition, senior health workers are worried of being replaced by new, techno savvy health workers. To defend their positions and prevent recognition of new skills of the new worker they resort to assigning them tasks below their competency level. Health care workers can also be given impossible targets or deadlines. For a department to be ranked as best in production, heads of department may give their healthcare workers high targets which are impossible to achieve. Moreover, the healthcare workers may be forced to work long hours to try to meet the targets. New healthcare workers can be ignored by experienced healthcare workers when they ask for assistance. The same experienced workers will ridicule the new healthcare worker work (Granstra, 2015)
Risk factors
Negative performance appraisal is a risk factor in health care bullying, healthcare professional may bully others to negatively affect others professionals performance and boost their own performance. The boost in appraisal performance will aid the healthcare professional in getting career advancement opportunities. Disparity of power between healthcare professionals presented as a risk factor of bullying in healthcare. Healthcare professionals with more experience and knowledge feel powerful and bully young healthcare professionals who are not able to defend themselves. Moreover, senior healthcare professionals feel insecure to new workers who have latest skills and experience. Due to wary of being replaced by t...
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