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Regulation of Internet Hate Sites Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, consider whether hate sites should be monitored and regulated. Think about whether or not monitoring and regulating these sites might infringe upon freedom of speech.
Reference: Taylor, R. W., Fritsch, E. J., & Liederbach, J. (2015). Digital crime and digital terrorism (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


Regulation of Internet Hate Sites
Hate crimes are motivated by prejudice and bigotry against a person, group of people, or property because of prejudice and may even result in violence against the targeted groups. While hate crime is illegal and the perpetrators can spread their ideas using the internet based on the idea there is a freedom of self-expression (Erjavec & Kovačič, 2012). There are fewer regulations against internet hate sites in the U.S. compared to many industrialized countries, and monitoring and regulating hate results in censorship rather than self control. Ideally, direct users ought to exercise their roles and responsibilities when using a free internet as they desire, but there should be no regulation of internet hate sites.
Far right white supremacists and leftist terrorism pose a danger to the lives of the people they target in America, but merely associating with an extremist group should not be sanctioned (Taylor, Fritsch & Liederbach, 2015). Allowing the government and industry players to determine the flow of information may result in further internet regulations and restrictions. The digital society ought to be free, and there is no need for regulating and monitoring the internet hate sites as this infringes upon the freedom of speech, but those promoting violence should be prosecuted. The regulations will not stop people expressing their hate-motivated views.
Restricting free speech to regulate the internet hate sites is unnecessary when most people understand their duties and responsibilities. There is still a challenge of protecting the freedom of speech while addressing intolerance and inequality. Hate crime victimization, both offline and online, and can escalate when there are threats of violence. There are still divergent opinions on whether restricting internet hate sites are a viable option to restrict individual rights to uphold human rights. People are open to different ideas, yet restricting and monitoring internet hate sites...
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