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Film Analysis Assignment: The King's Speech Problem (Movie Review Sample)


write a film analysis: King's speech


Film analysis
Speaking in public is an important task for any leader; therefore, a leader with any disability will feel challenged. Such leaders may want to avoid speaking in public, when duty calls; there is no choice but to overcome his disability. During the reign of King, George VI was a crucial period, as the king, he was expected to encourage his subjects since Britain was at war. King George VI first test of leadership was his speech to the world via radio. The king had a speech problem, making him less confident speaking in public. Albert feared he would stutter and no one would listen. Even though his speech disability makes him feel less confident, the king overcomes his fear amid discrimination he faced, this is evident throughout the film.
The King's Speech is a compelling story presented from a narrative perspective of King George VI, formally Prince Albert. His personal struggle with speech disability makes him undergo discrimination. Albert faced discrimination due to his disability affecting him psychologically and socially. Throughout the film, the king experience humiliation, pain, self-doubt about his ability to even rule. The film focuses on George VI stuttering and his experiences of isolation, a theme enhanced by several events and characters.
His experiences standing in front of a microphone made him fear speaking before people. Albert thought he could stutter and people will look down upon him as a king, for him he would have failed England. People doubted his capability; this forms the basis of discrimination, which is evident when King George father expresses his disappointment over his son's speech disability. Before becoming the king, Prince Albert had undergone several speech programs and failed, he was subjected to d

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