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Religious Discrimination: Relationships (Essay Sample)


Apa format essay on Religious Discrimination


Religious Discrimination
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As I grew up, I only learned about love on television. My parents had a bad divorce, and my father and mother both made it seem that love was not real. The love they shared was what they call fake love. For me, it was an unexpected experience; as a little girl, I thought my parents were supposed to love each other and be devoted to one another. I used to think they really did love each other at one point because they have three wonderful children and even though they do not speak to each other. This is the only thing they can both agree on, but I was wrong. Seeing how they loved each other and the times they got along together would become the definition of love for me. This is what my future relationship should be like, but with the divorce and nasty parts, I soon came to learn it was not true and that being in a relationship does not guarantee lifelong happiness. With my boyfriend, my life changed a little, and I learned a lot about myself. I also got to know that I do not have to try to love someone to get that love back.
My boyfriend was my first introduction to love. He was responsible for everything I learned about a relationship (Ghumman & Ryan, 2015). Our relationship was my first real relationship, and I loved being on the receiving end of his affection. In those six years, I was with him constantly, and we developed a codependent relationship with each other, and for me, it was a perfect relationship because for most of my life, I had been alone and I did not mind having him in every little part of my life.
I wish my parents could ever think me why religion discrimination is bad. My support for my boyfriend and his support for me grew with time despite the fact that we both belonged to two different religions. In the case of my parents, they also belonged to two different religions and had their own cultural and traditional values. In my childhood, I saw them fighting over whose religion is better and how to raise the children. I always loved speaking to my beloved in this regard, as I wanted him to understand my feelings and know how important my religion is for me.
I always looked forward to our conversations. I used to sit with him and discuss things like why religion discrimination should not be taken into consideration while trying to strengthen this relationship. I supposed that we told each other both what we wanted to hear (Theo, 2007). By the second year of our relationship, we were completely inseparable, and everyone knew it. I spent my high school years with him, and it was a great experience for me, despite the fact that I had a good amount of friends who did not care for one another and broke up their relationships due to discrimination of religion, case, and race.
Amongst the high school experience, you can always expect insecurities and a roller coaster of emotions. In my case, I had been through tough times when I lost some of my best friends due to religious differences. Along with those emotions, love was my strength and my weakness. I showed love in everything I did. I did not care about what people belonging to other religions would think of me. I gave my best to my studies, family relationships, and my friends. I especially shared it with one person who did not appreciate it and deserve it, and he was my childhood friend. I gave him all my attention but only received halfback.
I was probably like every girl of my age who was in a relationship and in high school. I only cared about my education, my love life and everything in between like the new style or what was in this season. Being in a relationship during this time bought up a lot of insecurities, and it kept them floating at the top. Some days, they’d get to me some days I could care...

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