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Answer Questions: Gender Relationship (Coursework Sample)


Read this article from Khan Academy and answer the questions


Answer Questions.
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* How was the typical gender relationship between the man and woman in this couple portrayed in the commercial?
In the 1950s the roles of the men and women were socially enforced. The main role of women was to do shopping and manage the household while the men went to work. Women were undermined in the especially despite their societal status, race and ethnicity or socioeconomic status. They were encouraged by customers to be strong American patriots and their posture in the portrait shows their silly personalities.
* At the same time, how was the typical general relationship undermined/made fun of in this commercial?
To start with, in the 1950s, the female gender was seen as a lesser being. They were undermined and even advised to stay home and not join the workforce. For example, Lucy faced a lot of challenges when she went to look for jobs outside the household. It is suggested that her decision to look for a job showed her discontent with the household work and disliked staying at home.
* How do the clothes the man and woman are wearing in this commercial help to establish them as an ideal middle-class family according to expectations from the 1950s?
An ideal middleclass family would resort to looking good, but not with a fine finish of expensive and flamboyant jewelry. Domesticity became a fixture to associate these types of families far and wide

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