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“The Yellow Wallpaper” by John (Essay Sample)


References to historical, societal, or gender norms should be avoided. Try to stick to the substance of the text. Make sure you have a clear thesis, something that you will argue, that addresses your primary source. Paper format should conform to the MLA style guidelines for research papers. Remember that strong essays always include direct in-text references from your primary text. Be sure to integrate any citations you make in a grammatically correct way. Also, be sure to present adequate context and explanation of anything you cite.


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The Yellow Paper explores the complex relationship between the narrator and her husband John. Due to the bed rest and nothing to do, the narrator develops interest regarding the wall paper and especially its patterns. Consequently, the wall paper becomes the mental simulation that leads to darker aspects and interactions. As a result, this paper seeks to explain how the strained relationship impacted the narrator and her husband, why her husband fainted, and the essence of such a reaction.

The relationship between the narrator and her husband John is outwardly polite but unhappy and strained inside. John displays caring attitude but his real intentions is to be in control of his wife. The narrator says that “His careful and loving and hardly lets me stir without special direction” (Gilman 648). This indicates how John manipulates and controls his wife in the name of caring. At some point, John even laughs at her and he even believes she is not sick. However, the narrator strives to play the role of a good wife by obeying all orders from her husband.

The continuous friction between the narrator and John makes her “unreasonably angry with him sometimes” (Gilman 648). Consequently, a combination of the strained relationship and mental state leads to the narrator locking John outside the room. At this point, t

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