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Movie Perception Leon: The Professional (Essay Sample)


The movie The Professional (this killer is not too cold)
Note that you can't write a movie introduction
Introducing the part of the film to be streamlined
Write according to the picture requirements


Movie Perception “Leon: The Professional”
The relationship between Leon and Mathilda is a rather complicated one but fascinating to look at from either side. In fact it is much the cornerstone of the whole movie. Mathilda is smart and savvy beyond her years. However, she is trapped as she lives in a dysfunctional family environment with an abusive father and step-mother, a hateful step-sister and her quite little brother with only a dismal outlook on her future. Furthermore, she is starved for human contact that Leon's attempt of a small talk immediately makes her latch on to him and offer to get him his groceries. Nevertheless, it is the death of her family which also meant she was in danger that attached her to Leon.
At first, Leon struggled a lot with allowing Mathilda to enter his life, going as far as attempting to kill her while she slept. Nevertheless, after some time, the way Leon took responsibility for Mathilda resulted in a big change in his life as well as Mathilda’s life.  In fact, Mathilda reintroduced Leon to the human world as he started sleeping on the bed as opposed to sleeping on the chair with a gun on a nearby table. In addition, while training, Mathilda made a deal with Lйon; she would help him cook and learn to read if he trains her to kill. As a result, other than just being Mathilda’s savior; which was basically the basis of their relationship, it turned out be a relationship based on beneficial factors to both characters.
Leon and Mathilda relationship has fascinating factors such as a huge age difference and the fact that one is an assassin while the other is just a 12 year old girl. Assassins are meant to kill people but saving them like what Leon did is unusual. As a result, the uniqueness of this relationship lies in how Mathilda develops romantic feelings for an assassin.  Mathilda goes as far as telling the hotel attendant that she is having an affair with Leon. However, one can

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