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Transformational Leadership Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Based on what you learned from this module, which one concept is most important to you and why? How will you apply this concept to your development?


Transformational Leadership
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September 3, 2018
This module has taught me a lot about the different kinds of leadership, including how to determine each as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, plenty of various theories have been identified including Trait theory, Psychodynamic Theory, and Styles Theory, among others. Upon reading how these theories have evolved over time, I found the Contingency Theory to be the most apt when it comes to analyzing the different successful leaders around the world. As of today, it is evident that there are a lot of people who are successful in their own fields (which includes being a leader on their own organizations) despite the lack of a single trait that determines such success. In fact, most of these leaders are very different in their personality, approach, educational attainment, and experiences in life that shows that being a successful leader also means being ‘fit’ for the specific situation in focus (Avolio, 2011). As according to the Contingency Theory, the leader, the follower, and the relationship between both of them should be matched with the needs of an organization for leadership to be successful. Thus, this theory shows that while a leader might fail in one company, a reorientation of his approach (task oriented versus relationship oriented) or a shift in exte

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