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Management Research On Women Offenders and Types of Crimes (Essay Sample)


Briefly describe two types of crimes that are more likely to be committed by women than men. Reference the FBI web resource listed in this week's Learning Resources.
Explain possible reasons each type of crime is more likely to be committed by women than men.
Explain how women offenders may be treated differently than men offenders in the criminal justice system at the law enforcement, court, and/or correctional level(s).
For your two examples, explain possible reasons for the differential treatment.


Women Offenders and types of crimes
Course title:
One of the issues that the legal system has had to deal with over the years is that of gender and how to treat each gender when it comes to meeting punishment for various crimes committed (Gary, 2014). It comes almost naturally that women have been receiving lighter punishments than their male counterparts as they are considered the weaker gender. In addition, women have always received lenient treatment from the legal system because more often than not, women do not commit crimes that are violent in nature. For years, the legal system did not award death sentences to women. However, due to the increase in the rate of crime in the modern day world among the women, the legal systems in most countries are intending to introduce death penalty among women offender. This issue has brought major controversies as many lobby groups feel that women offenders should not be subjected to such brutal punishment.
Looking at the statistical records of crimes committed every year, women offenders who are involved in violent crimes account for less than 10 percent of the total offenders. This means that women do not have a tendency of committing violent crimes as regularly as their male counterparts. One of the main aims of a punishment that is meted by the judicial system is to prevent a crime from being habitually committed (Kathleen, 2012). If a person does not have a record of habitually committing a certain crime, then they receive lighter punishment tha

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