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Personal Management Philosophy: Beliefs & Experiences (Essay Sample)


Course Outcomes/Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain various motivational techniques and rewards designed to improve employee satisfaction.
  2. Apply the five primary functions of management; staffing, planning, organizing, controlling and leading.
  3. Analyze how the fluctuating global market, organizational structure, and the technology revolution have impacted the role of management.
  4. Differentiate between the potential responses of managers and leaders in various work scenarios through the study of cases.
  5. Evaluate the social responsibility and ethical issues confronting managers today through class discussion.
  6. Develop and demonstrate an understanding of how strategic planning meets the organizational and departmental business objectives.
  7. Create and present a research paper that includes the basic functions of management that defend your management and leadership decision-making process using Multimedia.

Personal Management Philosophy
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Entailed in this paper are my management philosophies and the beliefs, experiences, values, priorities, training, education, and expectations of myself and everyone working for and with me. Everyone has a different personality, experience, and background which shapes and guides their management approach and style. Discussed are the core philosophies that shape my approach to the daily business challenge.
I. Introduction
Management philosophy is a set of beliefs that an individual in a management position utilizes to guide the decision-making process (Olsen, 2005). Management philosophies are beneficial in that, they govern all areas of a company and organize a business around specific goals. Different philosophies govern each facet of a business, including a company's overall organization, the methods of employee motivation, the company philosophy for customer relations, and the methods in which the company addresses and prepares for problems.
II. Discussion
My management philosophy entails providing an environment that successfully produces productive employees. This is achieved by keeping the moral high, conflict management, encouraging low performers, and rewarding the strong ones. Management should guide employees to execute their duties effectively. This entails various meanings. First, it means that management should present challenging tasks related to the job which in turn gives the employees' experience. This further stretches their ability and brings growth. Additionally, by guiding employees to execute their duties effectively, it benefits the company since the employees will be more productive.
As a future manager, I am aware that I will be tasked with inspiring and leading the people working for and with me. This entails planning for team success and fulfilling whatever it takes to run a business. Five major functions are deemed as the ways in which management should interact with and lead employees. From planning to review, the more precise management is, the more effective the business is in achieving its goals (Cooper, 2000).
Planning Actions
As a function, planning actions evaluate a company's goals and then establishes a strategy for success (Koester, 2003). Planning actions evaluate the existing goals and activities. Managers then plan activities that will cause the achievement of those goals. Leaders must become problem solvers, capable of seeing the big picture while also recognizing specific things that affect overall success. For instance, if a company's goal is to improve the time taken for customers to have their orders fulfilled, here, an operational strategy is executed to improve product fulfillment.
Organizing Resources
The function of organizing combines resources to reach the goals set in the planning function (Kerzner, 2017). Resources include personnel, materials, and financial backing. Leaders must distinguish what activities are requisite; appoint those activities to specific employees, successfully delegating tasks. As a future manager, I will strive to coordinate tasks to keep resources moving efficiently towards goals. Prioritizing the essential resources at all times is critical. For instance, if the inventory if required, but the company's funds are insufficient to acquire the inventory, the priority here is tackling the financial need.
Staffing Resources
Whenever a business is short-handed, it significantly cripples the company's ability to cater to customers and further overburdens existing staff. Management must identify staff positions and ensure the prope...

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