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Technology and the Right to Privacy Management Assignment (Essay Sample)


Analyze violation of privacy
Analyze differences in various cybercrime legislation
Analyze influences of the cybercrime evolution and cybercrime legislation


Technology and the Right to Privacy
Technology and the Right to Privacy
The first video involves a man taking a photo of a lady in a bikini in the beach. The man takes the photo and shares it with different using his phone people without the lady’s consent. According to a discussion paper (2005) by the standing committee of attorneys general, in some jurisdictions, it is wrong to take photographs of an individual and use them for sexual gratification without their consent. However, the individual in question must be engaged in a private activity or must be undressed for it to qualify as a violation of privacy. In this case, the man cannot be said to have violated the privacy of the lady since they were in a public place and the lady was not totally naked.
In the second video involving school kids, the kid’s privacy was violated when they opened his bag to check the content while someone else was filming the video. The bag can be classified as private property, hence the invasion of privacy. In addition, the video was posted on a social site that is accessible to everyone, and various comments were posted regarding the kid in the video. This can be termed as cyberbullying where people target an individual and say hurtful things that cause emotional distress. In the video, it is clear that the kid had been affected by the events of the day to the extent that he could not talk to his guardian. The comments posted on that social platform are hurtful since kids are calling the boy “dumb and retarded” in the video.
Cybercrimes such as cyberbullying have evolved over the years and have been posing a challenge to law enforcers since the internet is viewed as public domain. However, legislators are working towards enacting laws that protect individuals from these online attacks such as the one in the video involving a school kid. In Connecticut, an act was signed by the governor in 2011 to cover cyberbullying, requiring schools to have policies tha...
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