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Supply Chain Plan Part 2. Materials Requirements Planning. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Guidelines for the Supply Chain Plan Part II assignment are as follows.
It should be a 10-page written paper (double spaced), Times New Roman, and 10 font.
Directly apply the concepts of Modules 4, 5, 6, and 7 to your selected product or service.
Each weighted section should be two pages.
See table below for section details.
Weight %
Title Page
Paper title
Do NOT list any personal information (i.e., phone number, address, et al.).
Chapter 9 Considerations: Materials Requirements Planning (Week 4)
Explain the importance of having a robust standard material requirements planning program.
Provide examples that support the following elements: (1) forecasts of demand, (2) firm orders, (3) engineering design changes, and (4) inventory transactions.
Chapter 14 Considerations: Location, Logistics, and Distribution (Week 4)
Detail out a location, logistics, and distribution plan with areas of identified risk.
Provide mitigation associations with each identified risk.
Chapter 10 Considerations: Quality Management and Six Sigma (Week 5)
Provide examples of each dimension of quality.
Describe how the concepts of Six Sigma could be applied.
Explain how the analytical tools for Six Sigma and continuous improvement (DMAIC) could be applied to optimize the supply chain.
Chapter 12 Considerations: Lean Supply Chains (Week 5)
Explain how a value stream map would be useful.
Provide an example of a value stream map.
Link the value stream map to an effective logistics and distribution process for the supply chain.
Chapter 11 Considerations: Inventory Management (Week 6)
Explain how the concepts of inventory costs apply and how these costs can be minimized.
Explain how the forecasting model you selected earlier will help improve inventory management and cost management.
Chapter 13 Considerations: Global Sourcing and Procurement (Week 7)
How might a bullwhip effect occur, and what steps would you take to mitigate any bullwhip effect?
Are there any opportunities for green sourcing? Identify those opportunities and link this to overall cost.
Conclusion (Week 7)
What value did walking through the supply chain process for your selected product or service provide you?
How will you apply the concepts you wrote about in your professional or personal life?
Grading Rubric
If you submit the required number of pages, you are eligible for full credit.
If you submit less than the full number of pages, (i.e., five pages were submitted and 10 pages were required) then you will receive a deduction. In this example, the deduction would be 50%.
A full page is a full page—so, one sentence on a page does not constitute a full page.
Quality work will have a significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. Relevant illustrations or examples are encouraged. Quality work will employ a sound use of reasoning and logic to reinforce conclusions.
Each identified question is addressed using the language of the course and text. The answers show a deep knowledge of the subject matter and have detailed and supporting examples (90–100%).
Each identified question is addressed using the language of the course and text. The answers show an intermediate knowledge of the subject matter and have examples that, although useful, are vague (80–89%).
Each identified question is addressed but fails to use the language of the course and text. The answers show an intermediate knowledge of the subject matter and have examples that, although useful, are vague (70–79%).
Each identified question is addressed but fails to use the language of the course and text. The answers show an elementary knowledge of the subject matter. Examples, if provided, are not well correlated to the identified question (60–69%).
The identified questions are not addressed or are addressed in such a vague manner that it is difficult to understand how the answers support a comprehensive supply chain process (0–59%).

A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.
This is a continuation of #00096791- Supply Chain Product Plan 1


Supply Chain Plan Part 2
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Supply Chain Plan Part 2
Chapter 9 Considerations: Materials Requirements Planning
Importance of having a robust standard material requirements planning program
The company will also need to ensure that its material requirement planning is effective. This will enable it to enjoy various benefits;
A robust MRP will provide detailed and rich information that the company can use in such core functions as decision-making in management operations, planning, and production, and thus improve the overall efficiency of the company (Ke, Chen, Chen, Wang, & Zhang, 2020).
The MRP will also help in reducing the overall workload and improving maximum efficiency; this is achieved if the company manages the MRP system effectively at all times.
Data obtained and analyzed through MRP can enable the company’s management to plan ahead and also forecast how much planning needs to be done so as to improve the efficiency and overall profitability of the company (Melchor-Pereda, Sбnchez-Partida, Martнnez-Flores, & Cano-Olivos, 2020).
Planning using a robust MRP would also make the company more efficient in operations and productivity, thus eliminate unnecessary expenses and thus maximize profitability altogether.
A robust MRP is an effective, innovative, and highly competitive tool that is more efficient than the traditional systems used for stock management and control (Melchor-Pereda, Sбnchez-Partida, Martнnez-Flores, & Cano-Olivos, 2020). Therefore, it would help in improving stock management and control within the company.
A robust MRP software system that is fully automated is easy to use, and it can be used in efficiently formulating a production schedule that can save the company a large amount of time, money, and labor (Melchor-Pereda, Sбnchez-Partida, Martнnez-Flores, & Cano-Olivos, 2020).

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