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Reflect on APA-style, Grammar, and Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


For the Language part of the course, you have created teaching tools for the purpose of educating students on APA, writing and grammar topics. These topics included APA-style, correct reference formatting, citation formatting, use of source material in text, grammar, and developing paragraphs.
For your final assignment, write a substantial, reflective integrative paper in which you show how the course concepts are relevant to your student experience. Apply the coursework to your own situation and respond to the following: (a) demonstrate mastery of the course material, and (b) apply this knowledge to your future course work and dissertation. In other words, what did you learn in The Language of this course? How will you apply it?


Language skills are crucial when it comes to communication social and professionally. At the professional levels, it is important for one to have the skills to represent their ideas. It is not enough to have a brilliant idea, the representation of the same is crucial. This is relative to the ability to convince the audience that they have what it takes to master a certain topic and present it in a manner that they can understand. Presentation does not simply mean that right has the ability to bring out points about a certain topic that they are indicating to the audience. It is important that that for example a writer is able to engage the audience from their point of view (The Open University, 2017). One has to have ability to not only convince their audience about an argument but also present the information in a manner that the audience can understand with ease. For the audience that can understand the content and the context, it is important that the level of professionalism matches that of the industry or the field that the writer is targeting. There are various standards that has to adhere to, to make sure that they have the right.
There are a number of aspects that have to be considered when it comes to mastery of a language, one of the being the ability to format a paper in the right manner. Different fields have differing standards that they use to make sure they maintain the level of professionalism. With the different styles of writing and formatting available, one is supposed to make sure that they understand the various rules that involved in the different styles (The University of New South Wales, 2017). It is the different styles that enhance the element of quality and presentation of the material that the author is bringing to the audience. The professionals in any given field will best have an easier time reading through the content when the presentation is done using the proper formatting.
It is also crucial to use the right referencing styles when writing professional content. This is in reference to the giving credit to the different persons that have in the past contributed to the topic and have been quoted in the paper. Ideally, when building on an argument, it is important that a writer is able to cite other works that have been done before on the topic (Deakin University, 2017). This improves the level of credibility in reference to the fact that, one seen to have researched the topic more thoroughly. It is then important that the works that have been cited in the paper are referenced properly. It is important that, the writers whose works have been u

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