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Teacher Leadership, Professionalism, And Perceived Stress (Article Critique Sample)


This paper should be divide into four parts.
1) Introduce what the article is about and points to be discussed
2) Summary of what the article is talking about, include the author's words paraphrase in proper APA format
3) Analysis or critique/expression . do the good positive parts and the critique after.
4)Conclusive summary of all that was said by the author.
Make reference to
A guide to Saskatchewan school law 2013, 3rd edition
Make reference to the Education ACT under the code of ethics and professionalism(Pls see scanned document and attached article). Pls. follow the direction given.


Teacher Leadership, Professionalism, And Perceived Stress
Teacher Leadership, Professionalism, and Perceived Stress
Teacher leadership has recently come to the limelight with scholars highlighting the negative effect of certain changes made to improve student learning and school improvement in general. Analyzing teacher professionalism and perceived stress are important variables when forecasting on teacher leadership (Young, Levin & Wallin, 2006). Several suggestions have been put forward to minimize factors that might make teachers experience stress.
In an article by Kilınc, Cemaloglu & Savas, (2015), titled "The relationship between teacher leadership, teacher professionalism, and perceived stress," the authors presents similar sentiments. According to the authors, the role of a school administrator is becoming more complicated. School improvement programs have placed numerous demands on school administrators to improve knowledge and skills and become a competent different field. The author calls for the need to readdress the leadership concept within school due to increased expectation for student's achievements and the creation of accountable school structures (Kilınc, Cemaloglu & Savas, 2015).
The article presents a research study to examine the relationship between teacher leadership, professionalism, and perceived stress. Using a correlation research model, the research used two independent variable and one dependent variable these are teacher leadership as the dependent variable and teacher professionalism and perceived stress as independent variables. A total of 302 teachers were involved in the study (Kilınc, Cemaloglu & Savas, 2015). The study confirmed that the three variables used were important in predicting future teacher leadership. The article recommended the need to improve organizational structure to support professional behaviors of teachers. Through this process factors causing stress will be minimized, school needs to create school structures that provide healthy climate that promotes teacher leadership (Kilınc, Cemaloglu & Savas, 2015).
Article analysis
The authors highlight key important concerns affecting teacher leadership using a research process. Using a co-relational research process, the authors identified three important variables to analyze the research. Data was collected using s standard teacher leadership scale . Teacher professionalism scale and perceived stress scale .Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, coefficients, Pearson's product moment correlations and stepwise multiple regression to offer valid results (Kilınc, Cemaloglu & Savas, 2015).
The research study presents valid data to confirm the relation between teacher professionalism, teacher leadership, and perceived stress. To further justify their ...
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