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Improving Mental Health In Low-Income Households (Essay Sample)


Take the operational problem (defined in week 2's charter) that your organization is trying to solve, and design a study to address it:
What are you collecting
How will you collect it - discuss all aspects of this
What will the data tell you/what do you want it to tell you
How will you make sure the data are representative of the actual situation
Build a hypothesis based on the data collected. You are welcome to discuss tools that you will use to test the data as well as it discusses in this weeks readings.

Improving Mental Health in Low-Income Households Author Name Institution While collecting data, one of the major considerations is to guarantee the accuracy of information. We will have to check if data is up-to-date and complies with freedom of information and privacy protection legislation. Providing patients with proper medicines and timely treatment is mandatory. Unfortunately, today’s hospitals continuously ignore the poor and leave them alone. So, the purpose of this study is to collect information about those hospitals. First of all, we will target only a few hospitals and use quantitative techniques to evaluate their performance and current policies. Quantitative methods will allow us to collect data regarding history and location of hospitals, and number of patients, doctors, and nurses. We feel that obtaining this information is essential to the success of our project. The process of data collection will begin by arranging meetings with hospital administrators. We will abide them to provide us with accurate information about their staff and patients. We may also ask them to submit patients’ case files so we can go through them and find how many mental patients were admitted to this hospital in last few months. Based on the information provided, we will compare the case histories of different patients to analyze how many low-income households received free treatment and medicines. To ensure the reliability and credibility of data, we have decided to gather information using accepted data collection techniques only. Initially, we will identify the issue and collect relevant data within a few days, before it gets changed or edited by the hospital administrators. We want it to be valid and accurate, so more and more patients receive immediate medical assistance. Once the data is fully corrected and verified, we will conduct internal and external assessments in the next step to show if the hospital manager, doctors, and nurses have been performing their duties well or not. It is another important aspect as the life of a patient depends on the reactions or behavior of hospital staff. We want them to perform their duties well and have feelings for both rich and poor. In the United States, major healthcare facilities need to be available to everyone, and this shouldn’t cost the patient anything so more low-income households can rely on public hospitals for immediate treatment. If at a point, we feel that the hospital administrators have not provided us with accurate data, we may contact the patients’ families and request them to submit details in written form as soon as possible. We want to monitor every step and ensure accuracy and reliability. For this purpose, we will discuss important considerations with Canadian and European health ...
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