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Employee Training: Advantages of Using New Technologies in Training and Development (Essay Sample)


Answer this question:
List and detail several advantages of using new technologies in training and development.
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IBSN -13 9780073530345
Employee Training and Development
Raymond Noe fifth edition , 2010 McGraw Hill


Advantages of the new technologies in training and development
Course Title:
Advantages of the new technologies in training and development
Following increased, use of technology in the organizations and industries, it is essential for a company to employ the utilization of the new technologies in the training and the development (Venkatesiah, 2015). This paper reviews various advantages associated with new technological training.
There are a number of advantages of new technology training and development among them:
1 Accessibility- eLearning tools are usually accessible for twenty-four hours in a day. An employee is capable of learning at his/her pace, any time of the day and anywhere provided that the internet is available (Noe, 2010). This helps minimize the time spent on training and maximizes working hours, hence encouraging development.
2 Improved pedagogy- eLearning allows carrying out of personalized studies and in an interactive format that enhances faster understanding of the concept. This also facilitates creativity that brings about increased innovation and creativity.
3 Improved reach and collaboration- mobility summit and Microsoft cloud allow the application of video conferencing that allows interaction between the trainer and the trainees from all over the world. This allows collaboration of teams from different parts of the world that broadens the knowledge gained from the training. Sharing of knowledge allows improvement in the employees’ expertise that result in the overall development.
4 Cost effect- companies and organizations incur a lot of money during conventional training systems. Use of the new technology in teaching allow...
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